Recommendations from around the web from the ex-model and founder of The Night Feed, an app designed to support mothers up in the wee small hours.

Ruth Crilly’s career can be viewed in three distinct acts, and that’s only thus far. Her original incarnation was as a stellar international fashion model. Then, when she hung up her catwalk shoes in 2010, she began creating content. So much content, in fact, that it soon became a blog, A Model Recommends, and before long that blog was notching up followers in their millions, as they cottoned on to the invaluable space in which Ruth shares all her considerable beauty and fashion insider knowledge. Just as popular are her well-observed musings on the stuff of our daily lives – we’re talking all the big questions, such as how to get her mint Magnum habit under control and why kids can be so darn creepy.

The latest addition to her career trajectory is the newly launched The Night Feed, an app designed to support mothers up in the wee small hours feeding newborns and beyond. It features a wealth of articles across the baby-related and the non-baby related. Expect celebrity guests, as well as handy tools, such as a timer to gauge how long you’ve been feeding your baby. Most importantly, it serves as a reminder to mums, in those sleepy – and occasionally weepy – hours, that they are not alone, a fact underlined by the fact the app has been downloaded every three minutes since its launch.

Here, Ruth gives us a tour of all her online favourites, from the doctor busting gynaecological myths on Twitter to where she buys her vintage homewares.

My favourite website... I spend a LOT of time on Vinterior – Weirdly, nothing to do with parenting, babies OR beauty! It sells vintage furniture and I’m obsessed.

My favourite app... I mean, it has to be The Night Feed, my new app for mums who are up through the night feeding babies. I’m on it constantly and I’m not even night feeding at the moment! It has the perfect blend of interesting content and fun chats with other mums who are up feeding – it’s becoming an amazing community.

My favourite blog... Ooh, so many! I love checking the latest beauty news on British Beauty Blogger, and Caroline Hirons always has brilliant in-depth skincare recommendations. I tend to read the old-school ones, most of which started at the same time that I began, my beauty blog.

My internet hero... Ask Jeeves. Whatever happened to him? He’s like an unsung hero in my opinion. Never mind Google, Ask Jeeves changed the world!

My favourite podcasts... The OG would be Emma Guns, her podcasts are brilliant and hilarious. Then there’s Sali Hughes’ The Beauty Podcast, and Outspoken Beauty with Nicola Bonn. I have so many on my list. I just recorded one with Zoe and Georgia from Made by Mammas and that was such a laugh.

My most recent buy online... Some software that I needed for my app, The Night Feed, which I know is a boring purchase! I also ordered a red blouse from ASOS, but when it came it was completely see-through!

Book just downloaded/read... I’ve just bought The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read by Philippa Perry, because it’s our book of the month on The Night Feed. We’re all going to read it together and then discuss it at the end of the month.

Favourite tweeter... I really love @DrJenGunter; she’s an OB/GYN who is fiercely de-bunking myths about women’s health and delivering solid scientific facts.

Favourite Instagrammer... Dawn O’Porter - Without a doubt. Her Instagram Stories verge on insanity but she delivers everything with this very deadpan, British sense of calm.

Social media allowed me to meet... So many people I can now call good friends. I feel as though I belong to a network of people who really genuinely support and empower each other.

The best digital advice I’ve been given is... Don’t read unconstructive negative comments – or at least don’t spend time dwelling on them. It’s pointless.

My screensaver... My cat, lying down on his back with a come-hither look on his face. Shameful, really, it should be of my kids but I’ve never changed it!

Standout online memory... I should think it was when I first launched A Model Recommends and I hit one million page views. It was only the first six months and I thought, ‘this could be something…’

My pet hate online... People using apostrophes incorrectly in plurals of things. For example, ‘I love Sunday’s!’ It drives me mad to an almost inexplicable point.

Ruth Crilly’s The Night Feed is available to download from the App Store and Google Play for £3.99


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