The Editor-at-Large of NOWNESS and Director of childrenswear brand, Elfie London, talks about juggling fashion, families and film.

‘I have learnt so much from working online,’ says Rebecca Guinness who is both Editor-at-Large of NOWNESS and Director of Elfie London. Rebecca spent eight years working in the New York fashion industry, for various designers and magazines including Vanity Fair online. Since moving back to London, she has mostly been working at NOWNESS, the global video lifestyle platform founded by Jefferson Hack. She also contributes to the jewellery magazine On The Rocks and last summer, she joined Elfie London, the whimsical children’s clothing company.

‘Elfie certainly wouldn’t be able to exist without the growth of online shopping and Vics [Roper Curzon, co-founder] frequently references back to the vast change since they started out,’ says Rebecca. ‘The key for us is the ability to do as much as possible ourselves to incur minimal overheads and the look of our website thankfully aids us in this. For example, we use the Polaroid-style pictures. Social Media is also so important for us and especially Instagram. Vics has a great following on that platform and there is a real sense of community. We have been blown away by the support people have shown us!’

My favourite website... aside from Elfie and my Dad’s website, Biddesden Stud, I’m a little biased having been associated with it since its inception but NOWNESS makes amazing short format video content. I’m so proud to have seen it evolve and have played a part in that growth.

My favourite app... I love trawling Pinterest and Snapseed is incredibly useful for editing photos on the go. When we do a fair selling clothes, iZettle for easy card payments is essential.

My blog of choice is… I love Little Spree - Sarah Clark has great taste and always has an eye on a good bargain. Also my dear friend Tarajia Morrell has a lovely food and travel blog called The Lovage and The Irish Aesthete satisfies my inner architectural history geek.

My internet hero... At the moment I’m more fascinated by the villains! Namely Robert Mercer, the computer scientist billionaire who owns data analytics company, Cambridge Analytica, which was purportedly behind both the Trump and Brexit victories.

My most recent buy online… I splurged and bought myself a beautiful Marni dress from Matches - It is perfect for various weddings I have coming up this summer.

Book just downloaded/ read… I’m afraid I am a real traditionalist when it comes to books and can’t read them on a device, as I need to visualize how far I’ve got. I go through reading jags and have been a bit lazy of late but I did read Jilly Cooper’s latest (Mount) not too long ago (big heroine of mine) and am currently stuck into The Empty Family by Colm Tóibín.

My favourite tweeter... I’m not hugely into Twitter but lately I’ve been pretty fascinated by @RoguePOTUSStaff.

My favourite instagrammers… Raven Smith is brilliant. I also, of course, follow various mums and aside from my amazing business partner, Victoria Roper Curzon, I love the look of Michelle Housel’s life @danceypantsdisco on Nantucket; her photographs are beautiful!

Social media allowed me to meet... More than introducing me to anyone, I love social media for keeping me in touch with so many friends I have made over the years. Because I went to school in Ireland and England, and then lived in New York, my friend circle is spread wide and far.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… Artsy, The New Yorker and Atlas Obscura for strange stories from around the world.

Stand out online memory… That’s a hard one. This is a, now, pretty obscure example to bring up but it was probably the unmasking of the people behind This summed up this bizarre era when I lived in New York.

Pet hate about life online… The number of channels of communication. This is mostly my own fault but I have to keep up with about seven email accounts as well as texts, Whatsapp and then various social media channels. It’s exhausting.

iPhone or Android? iPhone, iPhone, iPhone

May 2017