Philip Mould OBE is a renowned hunter of lost paintings. An international art dealer with a large gallery in London's West End, he is also an established author and broadcaster, and one of the country's foremost authorities on British portrait painting and has been dubbed ‘the art detective’.

Philip has been sleuthing paintings for nearly 25 years. Discovering the Winslow Homer painting on the Antiques Roadshow, where he is one of the team of art specialists, was what ignited his recent BBC1 series Fake or Fortune, which he presented with journalist Fiona Bruce. They are now commencing filming their second series to be broadcast in Autumn 2112. He is well known for his numerous discoveries including five lost paintings by Thomas Gainsborough.

From1988 to 2011, Philip Mould was official art adviser to the House of Commons and to the House of Lords. His books on art discoveries include "Sleepers - In Search of Lost Old Masters" and "Sleuth".


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30 November 2011