The celebrity florist and co-founder of the Wild at Heart Foundation, a dog re-homing charity, shares great tips for ethical shopping, her latest reads and incredible stories of inspiring pups.

Celebrity florist, Nikki Tibbles has been filling the homes of West London with beautiful blooms for the last twenty-five years, with stores in Pimlico, Notting Hill and a concession in Liberty. In 2015 Nikki co-founded the Wild at Heart Foundation, a global dog re-homing charity that has found loving homes for over a thousand dogs across Europe, Lebanon, South Africa and as far away as Puerto Rico. For her Guest Edit Nikki shares great tips for ethical shopping, her latest reads and incredible stories of inspiring pups.

My favourite website… my wonderful Wild at Heart Foundation - We’re in the process of getting a new website made which will greatly improve the overall look and feel, but I always love seeing new dogs added from around the world, knowing that our site will help them to find their perfect forever home (with thanks to our amazing Adoption Team behind the scenes, of course!)

My favourite app… Happy Orangutan – It helps make ethically informed choices when shopping for products and it’s a quick and easy way to see if a product contains palm oil.

My blog of choice… Rosie aka The Londoner - Gorgeous Rosie is one of our adopters, and we also did the flowers for her wedding. She’s just a beautiful person, inside and out.

My internet hero… Mark Ching - For his work with animals via the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation.

My favourite podcasts... I don’t really listen to podcasts, as I don’t tend to have time to listen to something in one consecutive burst when I’m on the go, but I love a good boxset when I get the chance to unwind at the end of the day. Game of Thrones is an absolute favourite!

My most recent buy online… Kate Spicer’s ‘Lost Dog’ - I have only just started reading it, but am already in love with the story.

Book just downloaded/ read… ‘Power of Now – A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment’ by Eckhart Tolle.

My favourite tweeter… I have to admit, I don’t use Twitter! As a visual person, I much prefer Instagram. I like how it encourages people and brands to use imagery to express themselves, and it’s a great way to soak up a snapshot of the world around you.

My favourite Instagrammer… Maggie the Wunderdog - An amazing rescue dog who was shot seventeen times and left blind. Back in 2018, Wild at Heart Foundation launched a campaign to rescue Maggie (and another beautiful dog, Solo) from the most dreadful conditions in Lebanon. She’d been used as target practice and was living chained in a box. But in spite of all the abuse she’d suffered, she remains the most loving, sweet-natured, resilient soul. She’s found an amazing home here in the UK and is training to become a therapy dog. She inspires everyone she meets, and is a wonderful example of why Wild at Heart Foundation do the work we do. No dog should have to endure what she went through, and no dog should be written off or feared because of his or her tragic past. Maggie inspires me everyday (I love her hashtag #bemoremaggie!), and it’s no wonder that she’s become an Instagram sensation!!

Social media allowed me to meet… Some seriously inspirational people such as Jasmine Hemsley and David Gandy who are passionate about saving animals and our environment and the planet.

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May 2019

Interview by Lydia Mansi