Ben Fogle’s wife Marina, co-founder of The Bump Class talks about her new podcast and Steve Jobs.

Marina Fogle is the co-founder of The Bump Class. Together with her sister, GP Dr Chiara Hunt, she created an enterprise that has disrupted the antenatal education market previously monopolised by the NCT. Described as ‘a revolutionary concept’ by The Times, the professional teaching combined with witty and practical advice has set a new standard in a previously sated market.

Their book ‘The Bump Class: An Expert Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond’ topped the Amazon bestseller list and was described as ‘fresh, witty and reassuringly down-to-earth’ by You Magazine. Their latest venture is The Parent Hood, a podcast discussing all things parenting.

My favourite website… The Pool - I went through a stage of default going to the Daily Mail website and then realised it was slowly rotting my brain. Launched by Lauren Laverne, The Pool is a collection of relevant, reactive and witty articles aimed at busy, discerning women.

My favourite app… Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness - I struggled to get fit again after the birth of my children. There was just too much to fit in my day. Kayla’s workouts are twenty-eight minutes long, can be done anywhere, and they eliminate the excuses not to exercise regularly.

My blog of choice… None actually. I’m much more into podcasts that I can listen to on the go. My increasing love of this new medium inspired me to start The Parent Hood, a podcast with professional and structured input delivered in a way that’s easy and (dare I say) fun to listen to.

My internet hero… Steve Jobs - My iPhone has revolutionised my life.

My most recent buy online was… a Wiggy Kit St Germain shirt - I love this brand - everything I buy I end up wearing the whole time.

Book just downloaded… I’ve just finished reading ‘The Neapolitan Novels’ by Elena Ferrante. I loved getting lost in the world of Elena and Lila and the beauty of the writing is extraordinary, especially since it’s translated from Italian.

Favourite tweeter… Caitlin Moran - Her acerbic wit has me in stitches and frequently reminds me that I need to work harder on my pelvic floor.

Favourite instagrammer… Very cheesy I’m afraid but it’s got to be my husband, Ben @benfogle. We’re not great communicators when he’s away (we prefer to catch up in person) but he’s so visual, his photos are incredible. I love this little window on to his world.

Social media allowed me to meet… Heidi Eldridge - The founder of Mama Academy, a charity committed to reducing the national stillbirth rate through education. After my son was stillborn, Heidi got in touch telling me about what she was doing. Having experienced stillbirth herself, she was a real inspiration to what good can come from tragedy and I’m now patron of this extraordinary charity.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… Matches - The clothes are amazing but mostly out of my budget which makes the sales alerts just brilliant.

Pet hate about life online… When you think it’s going to make you faster (booking tickets through an app), there’s a glitch and you realise it would have been a lot easier to do it the traditional way.

Stand out online memory… Watching the book I co-wrote with my sister, The Bump Class, reach no 1 in the Amazon Bestsellers. I’d been up since 5 a.m to do breakfast TV on launch day so was taking a cheeky nap when I got a text from a friend saying ‘WAHOO YOU’RE NO 1!’

October 2017