The jewellery designer famed for pretty coloured gemstones gives us an insight into her life online.

Has Kiki McDonough designed the most photographed earrings of all time? Probably. The Duchess of Cambridge is frequently papped wearing Kiki’s citrine pear drop earrings, white topaz stud earrings and green amethyst and diamond oval drop earrings.

Kiki set up her jewellery business in 1985, and has become world famous for selling the very prettiest coloured gemstone jewellery. Kiki recently launched her new Roman inspired Jemima Collection; we like the drop earrings with a removable charm (available in five different gems) leaving you with a simple, diamond hoop.

My favourite website… Net-a-porter - It’s so convenient and delivery is so quick.

My favourite app… BBC weather I am obsessed with the weather and check it daily!

My blog of choice… We’re working with bloggers at Kiki at the moment, so I’m just getting into the blogging world and realising the enormous importance in the industry.

My most recent buy online… my Kindle Paperwhite - Unlike my last Kindle, this is just like reading an actual book.

Book just downloaded/read… My favourite book is ‘The Frenchman’s Creek’ by Daphne du Maurier - It’s a wonderful story about freedom, independence and romance.

Favourite tweeter… our own - It keeps me up to date!

Favourite instagrammer… my friend, Victoria Cator - She is the most wonderful decorator and has a gorgeous line of scented candles. I love to see what she’s up to.

Social media allowed me to meet… Lots of new customers and an online generation I never knew about.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… Sheerluxe - I love that it gives lots of every day ideas to read whilst having lunch.

Pet hate about life online… When the server goes down and emails go AWOL!

Stand out online memory… Being interviewed by the Financial Times for the Perfect Weekend feature in their How To Spend It Magazine. It’s my favourite magazine and I was thrilled to be included.

iPhone or Android? iPhone, always!

September 2017