The co-founder of Stripe + Stare, the brand for girls who love stripes, talks about her love for Shopbop, Oprah's podcast and more.

Katie Lopes knows more than a thing or two about the fashion market. So it’s no wonder that her latest website Stripe + Stare, selling stripey Breton tees and knickers, is going gangbusters! Katie spent ten years running her own shops Austique, in Chelsea and Notting Hill clocking up over 10,000 hours on the shop floor. She also founded cheekfrills, voted the most comfortable knickers in the world by Sunday Times Style.

So when it came to setting up her new venture Stripe + Stare with long standing colleague Nicola Piercy last autumn, the entrepreneurs had the upper hand. The industry veterans have vast experience in retail and global wholesale, production and press. Having spent so many years in wholesale and retail it was the logical transition to set up a company direct to consumer with a digital strategy using the commercial contacts and experience made in women’s fashion.

My favourite website... for shopping, I love Shopbop - They have all my favourite brands such as Rag and Bone, Sundry and of course S+S! For content and time wasting I love goop - a lot is inaccessible but it does have good lifestyle, beauty, health and exercise advice. I have had to block The Daily Mail on my phone to avoid plunging into an abyss of useless gossip.

My favourite app… Calm - I love this app for some guided meditations and the sleep stories get my nine-year-old to sleep at night. Audible is my new find.

My blog of choice... Chloe Loves to Shop without doubt. She is so relatable and gives intelligent honest advice. My make-up bag is now full of her suggestions. She also taught me how to put the perfect waves in my hair! I also love Lizzie Loves Healthy. I try and make everything from scratch at home for my children. This is tough as a working single mum but her recipes are really quick and manageable.

My internet hero… Natalie Massenet - She was so brave. Everyone said no-one would ever buy fashion, especially luxury fashion, online. She proved everyone wrong.

My favourite podcasts… Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations, Desert Island Discs and Stuff You Should Know. I’m really enjoying Keeping it Real by Caroline Fleming and Sophie Stanbury. It’s real women talking about single life as working mothers. This is very relatable for me.

My most recent buy online... It is usually things for my children such as school books or stationery from Amazon. My last exciting buy was J Brand jeans from Harvey Nichols, thanks to a birthday gift voucher.

Book just downloaded… ‘The 12 Rules of Life’ by Jordan B Peterson. It’s really good, I listened to it on audible. I’m making myself read more fiction over the summer but I can never stay awake long enough to read at night.

Favourite tweeter… I’m not on Twitter!

Favourite instagrammer… The Midult - Their feed makes me laugh. Also Crazy Jewish Mom and Fuck Jerry.

Social media allowed me to meet… Chloe from Chloe Loves to Shop.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… The Midult - It makes me laugh every morning. It’s so true, so real, so funny.

Pet hate about life online… It can make you feel everyone else’s lives are more exciting and glamorous which is not true. I worry about it for my children who are growing up in a world where people show edited perfect lives. Thankfully I think the instagrammers/bloggers etc who are more real and have things of note to say will stand the test of time.

Stand out online memory… Poppy Delevingne instagramming our knickers out of the blue.

August 2018