Kate Watson-Smyth, founder of interior design consultancy, Mad About The House, show us around her web.

Interiors writer, Kate Watson-Smyth founded her blog, madaboutthehouse.com, in 2012 and it has been ranked the no.1 by Vuelio for the last two years and won numerous other awards along the way. Her first book ‘Shades of Grey’ came out last year and her second is due in March 2018. When she's not writing, Kate runs an interiors consulting business, Mad About Your House. Here she talks about losing hours browsing favourite sites, addiction to apps and starring in Vogue.

My favourite website… The Modern House - I have been writing about interiors for over fifteen years but I started off outside (as it were) writing about the best properties on the market for The Independent – back in the days when it a) was still in print and b) had a twenty-four page weekly property pull out. This website isn’t just modern houses – although there are plenty of those – but those of architectural value and, my favourite, period properties with interesting and modern interiors. I have lost many an hour to browsing on there.

My favourite app… Instagram - I can only do one social medium at a time and for years I was wedded to Twitter but a couple of years ago I started cheating on that with Instagram and now I’m addicted. I’m afraid to say it’s probably the first and last thing I look at each day. I love the mix of real homes and high end fashion, celebrity houses and what the fashion bloggers are wearing. And the rabbits. The rabbits get me every time.

My blog of choice… French for Pineapple by Bianca Hall - She is an enormously talented person who is constantly redecorating her house and she does it all herself and blogs all the how-tos. I can’t do it myself but I’m constantly inspired by her ideas and her enthusiasm and I’m happy to say I now count her as a friend.

My internet hero… Iris Apfel – She isn’t on Twitter although she has 8000 followers, but she is The Queen of Everything and especially Instagram. She is 96 now and a classic example of how you must embrace life to keep you young. So often our horizons shut down as we age and we become afraid of new things but she has taken to everything new that has come her way and is a real inspiration. My new glasses, which are large, were slightly inspired by her.

My most recent buy online… two chairs from eBay - As a designer writer and interiors blogger, I’m always looking for things to write about and it’s natural that some of them are added to cart. These chairs are by the Czech designer Jindrich Halabala (1903 – 1978) and I think his work is going to become sought after. He made great chairs.

Book just downloaded/ read… the entire Aurelio Zen series by Michael Dibdin set in Venice - I read all the time and often start a new series based on the last place I travelled to. We went to Venice a couple of years ago and I then read all the Donna Leon books. Revisiting the city this year for the Biennale I have now started this series.

Favourite tweeter…Dick King-Smith - When I need a smile. Sometimes scrolling through Twitter can be hard work. There are so many cross people and politics is so depressing at the moment. I love coming across this in my feed.

Favourite Instagrammer… there are so many, but @Haarkon post beautiful pictures of dreamy green spaces and gardens and sometimes just looking at one of their images is a reminder to stop and take a breath.

Social media allowed me to meet… Erica Davies, who runs the fashion blog THE-EDITED - A journalist like me, we met on a press trip and instantly got on well. She’s funny and cool and kind – which are three very important qualities in a mate.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… Wardrobe Icons - I don’t subscribe to that many as I don’t really need encouragement to be online but I am interested in fashion and like their take on it. I dip and an out of news sites like The New York Times and The Guardian without actually subscribing. My inbox is full enough.

Pet hate about life online… It never stops which is, of course, also why it is brilliant. I wish people weren’t so mean on Twitter – the bullying and trolling is shocking which is why I love Instagram where everyone seems to float about being kind and supportive.

Stand out online memory… When my Instagram was named as one of the top 10 interiors accounts by British Vogue. That was a moment and one I’m still amazed by.

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