Farrow & Ball's colour consultant, Joa Studholme is obsessed with podcasts. She doesn’t like silence and so can recommend a long list of podcasts that fill the quiet hours. She is also passionate about colours, and has been since a young child. Joa joined Farrow & Ball more than twenty years ago and works with paints and wallpapers every day. She develops new colours, works on residential and commercial projects and has written two books, the latest Recipes for Decorating has just been published. A self-confessed colour geek, Joa claims to redecorate her own home at least once a month.

Farrow & Ball just launched a new website running on a modern ecommerce platform that enhances the customer’s online experience. The completely new site has a full screen video on desktop and tablet devices, more inspirational imagery and a new wishlist functionality allowing customers to plan projects.
Recipes for Decorating by Joa Studholme

Here, Joa swipes through her phone and shares her favourite interiors blog, fashion site and podcasts.
Farrow & Ball Paint Colour Palette

My favourite website... Oh, dear I suppose I must admit that I spend far too long on Net-a-Porter. I can spend hours indulging in what’s new in the fashion world – more looking than buying, but there is nothing more exciting than pressing buy and waiting for the chic black van to deliver the iconic black bag. I also couldn’t live without my daily dose of the Guardian website. I am constantly on the Farrow & Ball website checking various things. The new site is fantastically classy and full of information.

My favourite app… I would have to say Instagram - I came to it rather late but am making up for lost time with enthusiasm. I also use the BBC Sounds app a huge amount. I am not very good at silence and there is a plethora of fascinating documentaries and series to keep me company.

My blog of choice… I love Mad About the House - For its varied content. It is an absolute must for anyone interested in interior design and invaluable if you are wanting to transform your house. It’s packed with ideas as well as good solid advice.

My internet hero... Who else could it be but Tim Burners-Lee - For his extraordinary gift of the World Wide Web and for his fervent work in trying to prevent his invention getting into the wrong hands and becoming a destroyer of the world.

My favourite podcasts… I am totally fanatical about podcasts. I really couldn’t choose a favourite. There are many I listen to weekly like Longform, Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review and The Adam Buxton Podcast which are part of the rhythm of my life. I also love getting stuck into a lengthy investigative series and would say that Serial has to be the master of this genre. Carole Annett has just started a design podcast called The House Guest which she very kindly invited me to participate in. Many of these have been fascinating.

My most recent buy online... An outside paella pan which is winging its way to me from Spain in order to cook dinner for my daughter’s twenty-first birthday party.

The book I last bought… my latest book ‘Recipes for Decorating’ - I wrote it over a year ago and it has just come out. I have just had to re-read it so I can remember what I said for various interviews.

Favourite tweeter… I have to admit that I am not involved in the twittersphere.

Favourite instagrammer… Gosh that’s just too hard a choice to make. I like different instagrammers for different reasons but I do love my daily dose of colour and style from Hooper Interiors.

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April 2019