India Hicks, fashion icon and designer, chooses her favourite sites.

India Hicks, fashion icon and jewellery designer, lives in the Bahamas with her partner David Flint Wood and their four children, when she is not jetting around the world. She is a creative partner of Crabtree & Evelyn with two successful collections of bath and beauty products 'Island Living' and 'Island Night. She is also the brand ambassador for Viyella.

India's exquisite jewellery can be found on her website,, alongside carefully curated items that India finds on her trips to far flung corners of the world, or sometimes from just around the corner.

Daughter of Lady Pamela Mountbatten and David Hicks, the celebrated interior designer, and second cousin and god-daughter of The Prince of Wales, India will be part of the CNN Diamond Jubilee team, commenting on this weekend's royal festivities.


Goop - At first I disregarded this site, imagining it to be purely a publicity stunt for Gwyneth Paltrow and little by little I have become a diligent follower. The content is lovingly thought out and Gwyneth obviously has contacts who have a wealth of knowledge to share, real in-depth knowledge.

Dooce - This is an intelligent reality show. A thinking woman who has a clear tone of voice and I can escape the sometimes exhausting aspects of my own life by delving into hers. We can all relate as mothers to this wonderfully written daily blog.

1stdibs - As a designer who lives on a rock in the middle of nowhere with little access, at times, to the 'real world' 1stdibs is a Pandora's box of design goodies.

Pottery Barn - Always a go-to site for effortless solutions. We regularly need to restock or update several houses that see a lot of traffic around the year. We are not in the position of decorating our guest houses with valuable objects or specialized pieces of furniture due to combating the harsh elements of living in the tropics and the constant flow of children and pets who leave often sandy paw prints and sticky ice-cream stains behind them.

Jonathan Adler - A designer with a wicked sense of humor. Who could resist this site. Somewhere you can always find even the craziest person in your life a gift.

Pinterest - The fastest growing social network. 80% used by women. I am addicted.

Julian Chichester - Beautifully crafted furniture. Classic and impossibly romantic pieces. But you need to have saved a fair bit of pocket money.

29 May 2012