Henry Lane Fox, chief executive of TheBrowser - cited by The New Yorker as one of the leading highbrow curators, chooses his favourite sites.

Henry Lane Fox is Chief Executive of TheBrowser, a website that curates writing worth reading. Human editors at TheBrowser recommend the most interesting features, opinion and analysis articles from across the web, on a daily basis. In addition, each day a leading authority discusses their selection of the five most interesting books to read on their subject of expertise. TheBrowser has a fast-growing readership of 200,000 and has been cited in The New Yorker as one of the leading 'highbrow curators.'

Previously Henry was one of the founding team at lastminute.com in the late 90s, where he worked through the $1bn flotation and the subsequent crash, before leaving to start contract manufacturing network Maxipos and later, London bar chain Amuse Bouche Champagne Bars. Henry is occasionally to be found on Twitter @henrylf.


Letters of Note - I'm a prodigious reader online and could easily list fifty great blogs based on the quality of their content but this one stands out above the rest. Each day they publish the transcript of one amazing letter from history. Some short, some long but all irresistible. On the most varied topics you can imagine. Pure epistolary excellence!

DigitalTheatre - A genuine game-changer for the Arts. Hot UK start-up that offers digital downloads of the highest quality theatre, filmed live. Critically acclaimed and run by two of the nicest guys I know in tech. Download Into The Woods now - it's excellent. Arthur Miller's All My Sons is coming soon. I can't wait. (Disclosure: I'm on their advisory board)

Bill Monitor - I don't get why this website isn't used by everyone. It represents a genius technical breakthrough. Uses powerful algorithms to accurately compare (for the first time) complex series of variables across mobile phone tariffs. Started by group of high-powered academics at Oxford University, led by the extraordinary Stelios Koundouros. Let Bill Monitor analyse your mobile bill and I'll bet it saves you money. Straightaway. Like magic.

Moonpig - It's a bit of an obvious choice but I love it. Personalised cards. Simple idea, great execution, truly satisfying end products. Don't be put off by the ad campaigns; I hate them too.

Wolfram Alpha - Welcome to the computational knowledge engine. You might not get it straightaway. You need to force yourself to use it for a while. Because when you work it out, you're going to be addicted. Ask it astonishingly complex questions and it'll more often than not give you an answer. Watch out - it just might be the next big thing.

Google - It's had a rough ride in the press recently but it isn't going to become a tech dinosaur anytime soon. Sure, Google has made the odd mistake; it released some poor products; it probably even had the wrong CEO. But on the plus side, it indexed the web. And we get to search it, whenever we want, wherever we are, for free. Try out Google Goggles if you haven't already. Lets you search by taking pictures of real life things, places, probably soon even people.

11 April 2011