Internet sensation, Ella Mills from Deliciously Ella shares her favourite online picks.

It’s thanks to social media that this week’s guest editor Ella Mills has become a household name. Ella Mills (Woodward) is author of the Deliciously Ella blog, poster girl of the healthy-eating brigade and an internet phenomenon. Her app, Deliciously Ella, whizzed to number one on iTunes, she has 166k followers on Twitter, one million followers on Instagram, three bestselling books under her belt and co-founded a deli. Her latest book is called Deliciously Ella with Friends: Healthy Recipes to Love, Share and Enjoy Together.

The 25-year-old used to be a self-confessed ‘sugar monster’ but after being diagnosed with a debilitating illness that left her bedridden, she turned to healthy eating. The rest is history. Ella created a vegan diet, gave up refined sugar, gluten, dairy and processed meat and wrote a blog sharing her wholesome recipes. Here, she shares her online picks.

My favourite website... theOutnet - I do love a bit of online shopping and find myself on most mornings. I love a good deal and they always have amazing things! I end up returning most things as I get a bit carried away with my clicking, but it’s great fun.

My favourite app... probably Instagram - I now follow about 900 people and always find a lot of inspiration there. I also read the Times app every morning and find myself listening to the top 40 on Spotify as I walk our dog. I love a little cheesy music to start the day. Those three definitely get the most usage on my phone.

My blog of choice... I have to be honest and say I don’t read a huge amount of blogs. When it comes to food blogs, I love Green Kitchen Stories and My New Roots though, both are really stunning and I’m always starving after I’ve read them.

My internet hero... I’m not completely sure; I have a lot of heroes but I’m not sure any of them started through the internet.

My most recent buy online... a lead for our dog, Austin - I bought it from Amazon. I walked him to a meeting with me in the morning and he chewed through his lead during the hour. I had to carry him home afterwards and then needed to order a new (much thicker) lead ASAP!

Book just downloaded/ read... When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi - I read this over Christmas, which had me sobbing. It was a really incredible read and I couldn’t recommend it more.

My favourite tweeter... I like following the news on Twitter, so I follow most newspapers and a lot of journalists. I get very addicted to it when a big event is coming on, which feels like all the time at the moment.

My favourite instagrammer… There are so many amazing feeds but I enjoy following my friends and family most. It’s lovely to see what everyone is up to. Up until recently my siblings all lived far away – in Scotland, Geneva and Washington - and I loved getting a little insight into their lives.

Social media allowed me to meet… one of my best friends Olivia Wollenberg - She was following what I was doing with Deliciously Ella and reached out as she wanted to start a business within the same space. We met and have become pretty inseparable ever since.

Stand out online memory... realising how powerful social media can be - It has really launched my whole career, which is just unbelievable. It’s amazing how you can take an idea and grow it online, with absolutely no budget. It’s a dream for so many people wanting to start a business, myself included.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to... I have to admit I don’t really subscribe to many newsletters. I find my inbox gets pretty full as it is, so I try to de-clutter it as much as I can.

Pet hate about life online... feeling like you need to know what’s going on 24/7 and spending too much time looking at a screen as opposed to talking to people. I find myself lying in bed scrolling through pictures of strangers rather than talking to my husband way too often.

iPhone or Android? iPhone, I have the rose gold one, which I really love!

21 February