In an English country garden: meet the brains behind the wild and wonderful Bramley Products.

Chloe Luxton is the founder and Creative Director of Bramley, a brand whose products evoke the great British garden like no other. Having first trained at Cowshed, she turned her hand to creating natural products inspired by the countryside and infused with essential oils when her husband, proprietor of a Wiltshire pub with rooms, was in need of a signature range of all-natural bathroom products. That was 2009, and she hasn’t looked back. Thirteen years later, Bramley’s products are spotted in elegant loos across the land, from those found at The National Trust to the gloriously stylish bathrooms at The Pig.

Here she tells us which public figure inadvertently helped to inspire Bramley’s creation – and why she’s coming back as a dog.

Favourite place in all the world?

Home. I live in an old farmhouse in a village in Wiltshire with my husband, Charlie, and three children, Otto (11), Monty (9) and Inca (7), two dogs and five chickens.

Dream holiday?

Greece, in particular the Mani Peninsula on the mainland. My family have a cottage there, so I’ve been going since I was little and it’s just the best place in the world. I love the people, the food, the clear sea and the sunshine.

Most coveted item?

My engagement ring. The stones kept falling out and I’ve finally got it repaired after about two years. It’s a joy to have it back.

Proudest professional moment to date?

I think it has to be when the call came through from HRH The Duchess of Cambridge’s office to ask if Bramley would help with a campaign she was working on to help young families living with poverty in lockdown. We were delighted to help, and I was delighted that Bramley was even on her radar.

Your dream future project?

I’m currently working on it so watch this space….!

Who has been your most inspiring mentor, professionally or personally?

Anita Roddick had a massive effect on me as I was growing up because of her stance on sustainability and raising awareness about the effects that the industry has on the environment. It’s why we question every new product that we create and ensure that it leaves a minimal footprint on the planet.

Where would you live if you could live anywhere?

I’ve been thinking about this one and I am very happy where we live, but I think it would be lovely to have a holiday home by the sea. Somewhere in Cornwall or Dorset with views of the horizon would be perfect.

What book is on your nightstand/ kindle right now?

I’m a big reader as I find it really helps me wind down before sleep. Currently I’m reading No One Home by Tim Weaver – an unusual one for me as it’s scary but I’m finding it hard to put down (and sleep!).

Best film you’ve seen recently?

I am not very good at watching films, but recently I put on Wildcats with Goldie Hawn for my children and I’d forgotten how much I loved it.

Best binge-watched TV show?

Schitt’s Creek was absolutely brilliant and incredibly funny. I also (like the rest of the nation) loved Normal People during the first lockdown – it was just so beautiful in so many ways.

Top podcast of the moment?

I really enjoy listening to How I Grew My Brand and hearing how founders have grown their ideas into serious businesses such as Orelabar Brown and Papier.

Your hero?

Elsa, my 12-year-old dog. She’s just so wise and a great listener!

If you were an animal, what would you be?

I had this discussion with my children the other day! I decided I would like to be a dog because they seem to have a pretty easy life – sleeping, eating, being cuddled constantly, I think I could cope with that.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

From the age of seven, I had my own ‘shop’ outside my house where I would sell pretty pebbles and shells I’d found on the local beach, my own (terrible) drawings, and I would make my own flower perfume created by mixing flower petals with my mother’s perfume! I think I ended up in the right place!

Worst job you’ve ever done?

I studied Italian at university but I was never very good at speaking it. One summer holiday I got a job based on the fact that I could speak Italian in a telemarketing call centre…. my heart would be in my throat every time an international number flashed up. Luckily, the Italians weren’t interested in what we trying to sell so never called!

Favourite dish to cook?

Roast chicken because my children all eat it! We have it every Sunday and it’s always a winner. I’ll even add bread sauce if it’s a special occasion.

Favourite café/ restaurant?

It has to be The Beckford Arms, Wiltshire – and not just because it’s my husband’s pub! I think it’s the perfect pub with rooms – it’s got a great bar, a beautiful sitting room and a brilliant child-friendly garden. We while away many an hour here with friends and family.

What tune always makes you want to dance?

It has to be Spinning Around by Kylie or Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon. We don’t get the opportunity to dance much living in the middle of the countryside, but some friends have recently moved down from London and converted their basement into a nightclub – it’s joyous.

Favourite website or app?

I love Instagram. We have collaborated with so many like-minded brands that we connected with through it and I find it incredibly inspiring both on a personal and professional level.

Most useful thing on your desk?

My mug. I thrive on tea so will have about six cups a day. I’ve recently stopped having sugar in it though so I’m still trying to get as much joy from it as I used to!

Which five people, dead or alive, would you find most interesting to be stuck in a lift with?

Marie-Antionette because she’d be fun. James Corden because he’d make us laugh. David Attenborough because he’d educate us. Annie Liebowitz because she’s super cool; and David Beckham, just because he’s David Beckham!

Favourite building?

The leaning tower of Pisa. When I was little we lived in Italy and you were still allowed to climb to the top – it’s just so phenomenal that it’s still standing!

Favourite Instagrammer...

I love @courtneyadamo. And one that always makes me laugh out loud is @barrysbanterbus.

Your screensaver?

My son put a photo of our puppy, Pepper, on it and I haven’t got around to changing it.

What would your biography be called?

Tea, anyone?

What would be your epitaph?

Here lies Chloë Luxton – great friend, fun mother and giver of joy. At least that’s what I hope they might write!

By Nancy Alsop
July 2022

Nancy Alsop


Nancy is a magpie for the best in design and culture.