Former Vogue Beauty Editor Charlotte-Anne Fidler, founder of the new award-winning earth-friendly skincare and hair range for tweens, shares her online habits.

Former Vogue Beauty Editor, Charlotte-Anne Fidler is the brains behind Spots & Stripes, a new award-winning earth-friendly skincare and hair range for tweens (aged 8-14). As a beauty editor, she had tried many, many brands and knew what kind of potion she wanted to concoct; shampoos that deal with greasy roots, a spot zapper for breakouts and a super-gentle starter cleanser for young faces. The mother-of-two convinced one of the UK’s best natural manufacturers to work with her, and the result is Spots & Stripes, in all its glory of cool recyclable packaging. Last year, Spots & Stripes won the Good Web Guide Children Category Award. We pinned her down to quiz her on her online habits; she chats Gwyneth Paltrow, her cellist daughter and the best podcast for would-be entrepreneurs.

Winning the 2018 Good Web Guide Children's Category Award was exciting because... it made me realise that my vision for our brand website WAS a good one! I wanted it to be more than a transactional website. I wanted my site to be somewhere you could really touch and feel the spirit of the brand. I’m glad that the judges thought that was a good idea.

2018 judge, Holly Tucker, founder of Holly & Co and co-founder of Not On The High Street, had this to say about the company, "Spot and Stripes is a brilliantly engaging and interactive site, that delivers well beyond what you would ever expect from a skincare brand. I passionately believe that a strong founder story is one of the brilliant building blocks at the disposal of small businesses, Spots and Stripes is a fantastic example of putting passion front and centre. Clean, clear and filled with brilliantly emotive imagery, alongside clear, strong product information and imagery."

My favourite website… Glossier (the beauty website) for tone, design and sheer cleverness.

My favourite app… definitely Instagram. I couldn’t have got through the last four years of working at my kitchen table without it and the supportive Insta-friends it has given me.

My blog of choice… I have a thing about lifestyle blogs, so Amanda Brooks' blog is always my go-to, even though she doesn’t post that often.

My internet hero… Gwyneth Paltrow. Love her or hate her, Goop is a brilliant brand on all platforms and one of the few that is targeted at Gen X.

My favourite podcasts.. Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman - Essential listening for would-be entrepreneurs, and sometimes, The High-Low Show by Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes.

My most recent buy online… Bach’s Cello Suites - I have a ten-year-old daughter, Bo, who is a very serious cellist.

Book just downloaded/ read… ‘The Silence of the Girls’ by Pat Barker - Bought in beautiful hardback. I loved her war novels and have had a thing about Greek mythology since I was 10.

Favourite tweeter… I don’t do Twitter.

Favourite Instagrammer… In my other life, I have a lifestyle Instagram @charlotte_annefidler. So, my favourite ‘grammers are other lifestyle people like @jennyroseinnes and @mrsalice and @misspickering. Florists are also my thing.

Social media allowed me to meet… Interiors people I admired, florists that I admired plus my style crush and US Vogue writer, Marina Rust. We bonded over cats and gardens.

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