Gardener and author, Charlie Hart has written his first book 'Skymeadow: Notes from an English Gardener.' Charlie was part of the gold medal winning Modern Slavery Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2016 and has recently built a new five acre garden at his home on the Essex Suffolk border, which helped him get over the loss of both his parents. Jilly Cooper says, "Skymeadow is a fascinating book... every flower, every passing bud, every change in the season is described with rapture".

Here Charlie shares his top internet picks.

My favourite website… The Met Office - Because I am both English and a gardener so obsessed by the weather.

My favourite app… Find Friends - This is useful though could be dangerous in the wrong hands. There is something deliciously Orwellian about it.

My blog of choice… The Reckless Gardener - Though I am biased by the fact they recently did a very nice review of my book, Skymeadow.

My internet hero… Sir Tim Berners-Lee, naturally.

My favourite podcasts... The Sod Show - Don't ask why, just listen and you will find out. On The Ledge by Jayne Perrone is a close second.

My most recent buy online… An extra few copies of my book to mail to friends who live in far flung parts of the world and a dog whistle. Buying dog whistles can get surprisingly technical.

Book just downloaded/ read… ‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind’ - By Yuval Noah Harari though I am about to order ‘Secret Gardens of East Anglia’ by Barbara Segall.

Favourite tweeter… Hugo Rifkind @hugorifkind - I don't always agree with his point of view but he is the funniest journalist alive in Britain today.

Favourite Instagrammer… Oscar Humphries - Art world star and old friend. He is a great curator of images, among other things.

Social media allowed me to meet… Far more gardening obsessives than would otherwise have been the case. I am grateful.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… Our children's school though the local vets features too because it reminds me I have to flea and worm the animals.

Pet hate about life online… Our appalling broadband speed. Our farmhouse is at the end of the line for all utilities and miles from the telephone exchange.

Stand out online memory… Discovering a distant cousin had traced our family back to a bloke called Isaac Kalonymos who lived around 960; funny especially as we called our son Isaac.

May 2018

Family portrait courtesy of Belinda Grant Photography