Anton Mosimann, award winning chef and restaurateur, shares his favourite sites.

Anton Mosimann OBE was always determined to reach the top of his career; he worked throughout Europe, Canada, the Far East and Japan before he came to London from his native Switzerland. As Maitre Chef de Cuisine of The Dorchester, (at 28, the youngest ever to hold such a position) he was awarded two Michelin stars, the first time that a hotel restaurant outside France had received such an accolade.

In 1988, Mosimann acquired a converted Scottish Presbyterian church in London’s Belgravia and created a private members club, Mosimann's. This soon extended to Mosimann’s Party Service for which he has held a Royal Warrant of appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales for catering since 2000. He established The Mosimann Academy with cookery courses and seminars and, his valuable library of over six thousand cookery books, dating back to the 15th Century is accessible to all.

Mosimann has cooked for four Presidents of the United States of America, all of the British Royal Family, four British Prime Ministers and indeed most of Europe’s heads of state. In January 2004, Mosimann received the Order of the British Empire for his dedication and commitment to the food and tourism industries. In 2008, Mosimann took a team to Beijing to cook for 4000 VIPs each day during the Olympics and was similarly involved in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Mosimann’s will be actively involved in London 2012, cooking in four different venues across the city. In April 2011, Anton Mosimann was appointed Deputy Lieutenant of Greater London and he was honoured to be asked to prepare the wedding banquet for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace.


Bloomberg – I have always enjoyed dabbling on the stock exchange, the element that I really like is to be able to watch companies and see the impact of world events and even trends have upon the financial market. The world is so much smaller now and we really do live in a global village and to see how trends permeate right through the economy is fascinating.

BA and Swiss – I  travel extensively and these are my two preferred airlines; I have to admit that it is my assistant who uses these sites more than I do as she is often having to reschedule my flights to fit just that little bit more into a packed itinerary.

Eurotunnel – I am extremely fortunate in having a wonderful apartment in Montreux overlooking Lake Geneva and, as I love driving so much, my wife, Kathrin and I often drive between London and Montreux. Our route varies, as it depends upon various restaurants along the way.

ViaMichelin – This is an excellent site when planning any driving journey as you can incorporate a more scenic route, include restaurants for stopovers or just stipulate the most direct way.

XE – As currencies fluctuate so much, it is essential to keep an eye on the rate before any trip.

Ebay – I have a wonderful library of cookery books that go back to the 15th Century and I like to keep a check on those that come up for sale privately. Sometimes there are some unusual ones on Ebay, rather than valuable ones, or may be books that I missed getting when they were first published and are now out of print. 

TripAdvisor – I am not a slave to the online reviews, but when I travel I like to go online and see what sort of reactions and experiences other travellers have had and then I feel more informed about a place.

Classic Cars for Sale – This is one of my browsing and dreaming portals – I have been passionate about classic cars since I was a child and I even started a little business “farming” rabbits to sell to restaurants so that I could fund the purchase of my first car.

Google - I just love the way that now we can check any fact, look up a person and get all the background information before we go into a meeting; we can see what someone looks like and therefore are able to recognise them instantly. 

17 April 2012