Anna Bance looks at specialist surf and ski clothing label, Perfect Moment, by extreme sports film-maker Thierry Donard.

Founded over ten years ago, specialist surf and ski clothing label Perfect Moment that was launched by extreme sports film-maker Thierry Donard. Always bright and decisively modern, Perfect Moment clothing aims to harmoniously deliver both functional and fashionable sportswear.

Occasionally there is a brand that seems to appear from nowhere – over the mountain and into view. Or perhaps it was just me, late to the après ski as it were. But because I was searching online for a new ski jacket, which I had not done for a while, I discovered, and was surprised to discover that Perfect Moment started over a decade ago by skier and extreme sport documentary film director Thierry Donard and entrepreneur Jane Gottschalk in Chamonix, France.

With vivid, graphic prints of stars and colour-blocking stripes, that make you do a double take on the ski lifts, the brand’s ultimate goal was to use the industry’s leading and most innovative tech fabrics and materials to bring style and high performance to men’s and women’s luxury ski wear – that can be worn both on and off the slopes.

Donard’s film production company La Nuite de la Glisse was founded in 1984 by a group of skier and surfer friends, and assembled some of the best freeriders on the planet. Donard has used his personal experience to create designer ski wear and surf pieces that are focused on the ultimate goal of every athlete: to experience that perfect moment.

Although ski has always been central to the brand’s DNA, Thierry also regularly films surfing on the island of Tahiti and as the brand matured, it was a natural next step to debut a summer collection of sporty swimwear silhouettes that is gaining a equally cult following. A vibrant collection of bikini’s, rash guards, neoprene swimsuits, and board shorts that could translate easily from the beach to a yoga studio in London.

The Perfect Moment logo is inspired by the Northern star – nature’s compass – a key tool for any adventurer, used to guide early explorers home safely. I was drawn to this bold statement print in a variety of colour options. My favourite pieces in the collection include the Allos One Piece and the Star Dust Sweater.

They have also managed to create equally practical accessories that all my friends want to pack for our next trip. We may all turn up dressed the same. I love the blue interchangeable lense Mountain Mission Goggle and absolutely immediately need to buy the black fur lined Polar Star Helmet.

For me this brand has hit the nail, in terms of both perfect moments and the perfect balance. I feel safe in the knowledge that the Northern star is placed proudly on each garment, symbolising technically exceptional clothing, that I trust will keep me insulated on the piste. I am equally excited (okay, maybe even more so!) about being in my favourite place - in front of the fire - wearing this - the Star ii Suit.

January 2018

Anna Bance