Anna investigates the booming CBD market and comes across The Chillery, a wellness and retail destination that specialises in high-end CBD products from around the world

Reporting to help with everything from stress and anxiety to good skin, better sleep and soothing post-workout pain, the CBD market is booming. E-commerce platform The Chillery is a wellness and retail destination that specialises in high-end CBD products from around the world. Boasting a sharply curated selection of the foremost CBD wellness products, it is a trusted place for woman to learn about all the subject.

Founded by Marisa Schwab and Floriane von der Forst, two entrepreneurial friends who met at business school in Barcelona in 2009. They had both used CBD-based products in LA and London, and discovered the fantastic benefits, but when searching for products around Europe, found they were missing choice, variety and quality.

After graduating, LA native Marisa and Berlin-based Floriane built successful careers in the health and beauty space. Their lives converged again when they found themselves sharing a flat in London’s Notting Hill in 2017.

Stressful jobs were taking a toll on their wellbeing, so in search of solace, they attended a week-long wellness retreat in Devon — an experience which led to an all-natural overhaul on their return, and the mind-body balance they craved. Floriane tried her first CBD latte at Glow Bar, the pink Instagrammable wellness studio in Marylebone and the duo’s mission to supply like-minded women with premium products began.

The e-tailer aims to educate customers on the benefits of using CBD beauty products, focusing on five key areas: sleep, stress, pain, beauty and intimacy. People who know CBD in the UK will use it for stress or sleep, while discovering skin creams and topical creams for period pain, back pain, after-sports, all these other areas. The brand has partnered with premium brands including Hora Skin Care, KIKI Health, Yuyo Botanics, LDN CBD, L’eela Body Care, Wunder Workshop, Ohana CBD and You & Oil.

I am currently trying the much talked about ‘Miracle Drops’ by Disciple.

In Europe, brands are moving into CBD skincare, but it’s been slower than in other parts of the world because of regulations.

Everything is 100 per cent legal. They also do third-party testing to ensure that all products are organic and contain the CBD content they claim they do.

CBD has helped the two founders in very different ways. For Schwab it’s sleeping, putting five drops under her tongue every night before bed (it’s more effective this way because it bypasses the digestive system.)

She has also been applying it to her aches and pains after running a marathon. Von der Forst says it has revolutionised her skincare regime and using CBD cream has improved her skin issues. She credits Hora Skincare’s Super Serum with solving her skin issues and namechecks a Lavender Hemp Sleeping Mask from LA’s Kana and Saint Jane’s Luxury Beauty Serum, which is loaded with CBD and 20 botanicals.

Browsing The Chillery website for the first time, you’ll find straightforward guidance, CBD 101 cheat sheets, and an explainer highlighting the difference between THC — the mind-altering, high-inducing psychoactive most commonly associated with cannabis — and non-psychoactive CBD. Consumer demand is high and growing. Market research firm The Brightfield Group predicts that the medicinal CBD market will grow from $590 million to $22 billion by 2022.

As for other future plans for The Chillery? A London pop-up shop could be in the pipeline, along with collaborations with fitness studios.

November 2019