Not only has one brand decided to make a useful item aesthetically pleasing - but ensures it cleverly doubles up on the reasons to buy one.

Like most women, the founder of SHHHOWERCAP doesn’t wash her hair every day. And she was fed up with putting up her hair in a top knot and dancing around the shower to avoid getting it wet. Stocked online at a variety of places such as Cult Beauty, we now have an excuse to throw away those thin plastic disposable shower caps that we accumulate from hotel rooms. The bold printed turban style caps made with Nano-technology fabric, are not only 100% waterproof, but also hydrophobic – meaning water repels on contact and when the fabric does get wet it dries in seconds. Preventing heat and humidity from ruining your hair, a rubber grip holds your cap securely in place without leaving a forehead mark and one size fits all.

Will this be the permanent revival of an item of headwear which has been in and out of fashion for both men and women for changing reasons over the years? During the 1940’s the permanent wave hairstyle took time to obtain and was expensive, so many women wanted to protect their hair while swimming. When they became scarce as rubber was needed for war materials, it was only the lucky girls who had them. Then the 1950s saw decorated caps come into vogue, and during the 1960s colourful flower petal swim caps became popular. Men's long hair styles of the late 1960s and early 1970s also contributed to the increased use of swim caps

All the styles available on the SHHHOWERCAP website can be used for swimming. With an increasing number of hotels and spas now requesting the use of a cap to cover hair, none of us enjoy an forced emergency purchase from the front desk of an awfully tight silicone Speedo. No doubt these are highly effective and developed in ever further technological designs, but for those of us that swim leisurely once a week rather than training for the channel crossing, the Opal or the Astor do just the job. And if we have one at home next to the shower anyway, it might mean we are more likely to throw one in our bag on the way to the pool.

September 2018