Anna introduces us to the company that creates 'beautiful, clean spaces, one machine-washable rug at a time'

Social media can be extremely helpful to get certain brands in front of customers who are looking for new ideas and inspiration. Seeing how people are styling rugs in their own homes means Ruggable has more than 20,000 tagged posts on Instagram alone!

Like many homeware brands, being visible by continuously appearing in both ads and through influencers, shoppers become addicted to the personal aspect of sharing their purchases.

Los Angeles-based entrepreneur Jeneva Bell, who conceptualized Ruggable in 2009, first thought of the idea of a machine-washable rug after her dog Bambi, had an accident and ruined hers. Since rugs have always been a financial and aesthetic investment that get dirty and are a pain to clean, Bell imagined that people around the world were having similar accidents.

Starting out in the marketing department of a hair care company in her early twenties she realized how much she loved working for brands. Doing a little bit of everything gave her the background to know what it takes to get a product from an idea to a sellable unit.

Eight years later, with the help of industry experts and an amazing team, she was able to secure a patent for a 2-piece washable rug system - a lightweight, removable rug cover and a nonslip rug pad.

Using cling effect technology, the bottom layer is a non-slip pad that grips the floor and acts as anchor for the inter-changeable cover. The technology keeps the cover securely attached to the pad until it’s time for a wash, the cover simply peels off from the pad, and it can be thrown in your home washing machine.

Made of 95% recycled polyester, Ruggable covers do not absorb liquid making them both water and stain resistant. They are also hypoallergenic and machine-washable.

The bottom of the rug pad is made from the same grippy, latex-free synthetic material commonly used in yoga mats, making it ideal for wood and other hard-surface floors.

The company uses a printing machine that creates the design on the rug and they are committed to using nontoxic materials and wearable-grade polyester glue and textile ink.

In 2018, the Ruggable washable rug was the winner of the “Next Big Thing” competition on NBC’s Today Show.

Partnerships include Disney, Star Wars, and renowned potter and international home-goods designer Jonathan Adler.

The Jonathan Adler x Ruggable collection includes a total of 16 indoor chenille rug designs, in 10 different sizes. My favourites include the Inkdrop Camel & Ivory Rug and the Op Art Teal Rug.

Environmental responsibility and philanthropy are also important to Ruggable; the company has donated more than 10,000 slightly used rugs to people in need, recycled more than 125,000 corrugated boxes and will plant at least 100,000 trees this year to offset its carbon footprint.

By Anna Bance
November 2021

Anna Bance

Anna is the co-founder of Girls Meets Dress and a contributing editor to the GWG. She expertly guides us round the most covetable online fashion.