Anna Bance is starting to think about cashmere and she believes she has found the perfect jerseys and cardigans.

Some things are worth investing in. Cashmere is one of them. Most of us are on a lifelong quest to find the perfect thin knit sweater and cardigan, made from the softest knit - that will remain in our wardrobes forever - and be worn with everything... to the office, on the sofa and thrown over a summer dress.

I may have just found the answer: Queene and Belle is a luxury cashmere and clothing brand designed and owned by Angela Bell, the former head designer at Pringle. A specialist cashmere designer with over 25 years experience working in the Scottish cashmere industry, the company is based on her family farm near Bonchester Bridge in the Scottish Borders. Established in 2000 the brand is a combination of unique graphic cashmere and feminine vintage inspired women’s pieces, all lovingly made to the highest standards - with some of the graphic images used on the designs taking up to 12 hours to knit a single piece. The travel accessories and travel wraps are a dream and pure luxury.

Scottish cashmere knitters always use the finest long staple fibres, combined with a tighter stitch structure and milling the garments in the unpolluted soft Scottish water, results in a product which is hard wearing, soft and less likely to pill.

Browsing the website shop, I don’t know what to choose. I love so many of the cardigans. The The Cowboy is such fun.

I love The Dallas and The Sapporo has gorgeous colours in a contemporary camouflage design, an all over pattern which forms a relief.

Sweaters, I would choose the classic colours and traditional knits. The Clara would be slightly oversized and worn with jeans.

The Andie is an incredible blue: Scottish heritage is at the core of Queene and Belle’s identity. All of the Queene and Belle knitwear is made in the world-renowned, cashmere manufacturing town of Hawick - the historical home of cashmere - and the brand is committed to its support of the local workforce there. Sweaters are knitted from yarn produced by Scottish cashmere spinners, Todd and Duncan, founded in 1867 and their web designers/facilitators are based on the Isle of Skye.

Modernising the way cashmere is perceived today….the cool, quirky understated luxury designs have appeared on celebrities including Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Clemence Poesy and Liv Tyler.

Queene and Belle is now stocked by over forty retailers including Matches. For Spring Summer 2018 the brand announced a partnership with Martha Ward – the London based stylist and fashion director - on a limited edition capsule collection of three dresses and one blouse in angelic whites, ruffles and ribbons. Drawing inspiration from Martha’s own femininity and collection of antique Victorian and Edwardian lawn dresses. I love the Magnolia' shirt dress that features antique lace panels and a ribbon necktie, and my favourite dress is the cotton Sweetpea.

Which has traditional scalloped ruching. The only blouse, Camelia features an oversized frill collar.

August 2018