Anna finds out about the family run luxury furniture company, based in West Sussex and wants to find out more.

With a vision to create beautiful furniture crafted entirely from natural materials, Maker & Son is a new family run luxury furniture company in West Sussex.

With an already established loyal fanbase, and a dream to make a positive difference in people’s lives, Maker & Son are founded by third generation furniture maker Felix Conran and his father Alex Willcock. With over three decades of experience, their furniture is designed to last a lifetime. Handmade to order by their small team of experts, using traditional techniques and unparallelled skills, the solid hardwood frames are expertly jointed and screwed together from sustainably sourced English Beech and guaranteed for 30 years.

I love the simplicity of the brand, and their ‘mix and match’ approach. They stock three ranges of fabric: Linen/Cotton, Corduroy and Cotton Velvet and each of the pieces of furniture are available in all three, with an array of colour options.

Their signature ‘Song’ armchair is designed to be the most comfortable in the world and a place to truly relax from the world. The fully sprung base gives you the comfort levels of a well made mattress. The springs are hand laid and taper downwards in height towards the back of the chair or sofa, so that when you sit in it, you naturally sink back and down.

The company will never use plastics, polyurethane foams, velcro or staples. The feathers and down used in the cushions are sourced ethically and are a by-product of the European meat industry.

The unique cushion construction contain two ‘duvets’ filled with a mixture of feathers and down. Between these sits a natural latex core which means the cushions keep their shape, require less plumping but are still unbelievably comfortable.

With practicality and busy family life in mind, the entire range comes with loose covers (including the bases) and additional covers are available to buy online. Customers can therefore change the look of a room by simply buying a second set of covers instead of having to replace the furniture entirely.

They are simple to take off and replace - it only takes 20 minutes to change all the covers on a Song Sofa.

Maker & Son do not have their own physical showroom as such, but instead have created the modern concept of a mobile showroom to travel to customers for them to experience their pieces. Inevitably gathering such expertise over the years means that Maker & Son’s service today also extends to interior design advice. They offer tailored inspiration and advice on colour schemes and fabric choices.

Their new app is also available to download and help customers visualise their Maker & Son order in their own home with the opportunity to switch colours and play with an array of designs.

And if there is a specific fabric you’d like to use, the company’s bespoke service team are happy to make up covers for you. You just need to send them a sample so they can check its suitability.

Now are you sitting comfortably? Let 2020 begin

January 2020