This week, contributing editor, Anna Bance, looks at a favourite brand, adding a Loquet to her Christmas wishlist? Touch wood.

Loquet London has been a favourite website of mine since launching in 2013. I not only want to buy everything on it, but I have founder-envy, for the vision to launch another jewellery company into an already crowded industry . This is a brand with a sense of unique genius, that has cleverly chosen to re-invent and modernise an item from a previous era (The age-old idea of a keepsake locket).

Born as a collaboration between Sheherazade Goldsmith and Laura Bailey, this charming British brand is now stocked at over sixty global leading retailers. It manages to combine the beauty of gold and precious stones with life’s magic memories. The goal is to let the wearer create something meaningful, and wear it every day.

The gold framed “Loquet” has been designed to open and home a selection of collectable charms and birthstones, animals, lucky horseshoes, gold initials, gemstones, tokens of luck or religious symbols... and then you can personalise further, say, with a grain of sand from a holiday... all symbolising important moments and memories.

I love playing with the captivating and completely addictive animated feature on the website, allowing us to fill our virtual 'Loquet' with charms. By making it fully customised, every customer becomes the designer. Clever.

Both Goldsmith and Bailey grew up wearing vintage lockets. But invariably the delicate hinges broke or the old photographs were ruined by water. With the help and technical expertise of Goldsmith’s uncle, jeweller Michael Ventura, a hard-wearing and waterproof loquat (French for a simple door fastening) was born.

Naturally, after growing a fan base around the world that includes the likes of Julia Roberts, Alexa Chung and Brie Larson, Loquet London expanded its offerings to include stacking rings, earrings, a line of locket rings and the new Loquet bangle. Fresh charm designs for Autumn/Winter 2017 include ‘Touch Wood’, a playful reference to the “Knock on Wood” superstition. Hand carved out of walnut and set in 18k rose, yellow and white gold.

The two friends have even found time to help out the Wild at Heart Foundation, a charity that supports animal welfare projects, dog rescue and adoption, by creating eight gold doggy charms. What could be better than a solid-gold Labrador, dachshund or whippet? With 10 per cent of every charm going to charity.

Touch Wood Collection- Available from January 2018. Prices start at £110.

November 2017