When you're super busy at home, these naturally healthy frozen meals are a godsend.

During some of the busiest weeks of our lives, thoughtful gifts from those around us are always greatly appreciated.When I gave birth last month, one friend kindly arranged for the delivery of a ‘New Parent’ bundle from Field Doctor.

The same package had been ordered for her when she had a baby last year, and being so impressed with the gesture, she guessed that I could do with the time saving benefits.

Co-founded by Square Pie creator Martin Dewey and registered dietitian Sasha Watkins, Field Doctor is a company based in Bath which makes naturally healthy, frozen meals.

The team put an extensive amount of research, time and thought into these meals to ensure that every one is as ‘nutritionally-supercharged’ as possible, designed to improve specific areas of health.

Brought to life by Michelin-trained head chef Matt Williamson with ingredients selected for their nutritional properties and specific health benefits, the 19-meal range includes options to boost immunity, support heart health, cognitive health and digestive health, helping with issues such as gluten intolerance, coeliac disease and IBS.

The dishes are produced in small batches in the company’s Somerset kitchen, flash-frozen to lock in the goodness. Sent straight to customers in biodegradable packaging, the insulated box keeps the food frozen for 6 hours - in case you are not at home when they deliver.

Underpinned by Mediterranean dietary principles, the meals are plant-heavy, high in fibre have no refined carbs, artificial additives, preservatives or processed ingredients.

The range includes meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan dishes and the company uses MSC-approved Cornish fish, British organic or free-range meat, and local businesses such as Hodmedods for pulses and grains.

My favourites included the Fish Pie, Beef + Quinoa meatballs, and the Chicken Jalfrezi.

The meals were fresh in taste, good-sized portions and I liked both the variety and quantity of different ingredients in each dish, some of which I don’t usually cook with so it made a nice change.

Although I've never been a frozen ready meal kind of girl, I am always keen to try something new and Field Doctor has impressed me. The ones I’ve tried were really tasty and some would definitely be on the re-order list. The convenience factor will appeal to anyone going through a busy period and they are perfect to stock in the freezer when you know you are going to have a hectic few days such as moving house or late nights at work.

By Anna Bance
October 2021

Anna Bance

Anna is the co-founder of Girls Meets Dress and a contributing editor to the GWG. She expertly guides us round the most covetable online fashion.