Seasoned fashionistas are behind this website that demystifies fashion and takes the confusion out of online shopping for time-poor shoppers.

Buying well and buying right has fast become the mantra of an increasing number of consumers over the past six months. It is something that London-based former Vogue editors Lucinda Chambers and Serena Hood want to make easier for all of us.

Directing shoots and working as creative consultants and stylists, both founders have inspired the wardrobes of millions of women over the past 25 years. So last year when they launched curated shopping site Collagerie, their aim was to use their knowledge and experience to demystify fashion and take the confusion out of online shopping for time-poor shoppers.

With a highly curated selection of products at every price point, they want to help us through the maze of modern shopping based on the product discovery of fashion, interiors, beauty and lifestyle.

When shopping online today, it is easy for consumers to be overwhelmed by options. Multiple sites selling the same pieces at various different prices, sales all year round, fluctuating stock levels and having to make fast decisions.

At the time of writing this I am looking for a dress to wear for a shoot in a couple of weeks. Despite dealing in dresses for a living, and owning a website full of them, I would like something new, and buying for personal use still means there are moments when 30 tabs are open and I curse the day internet shopping was invented.

The Collagerie business model is an affiliate one, so they don’t hold any inventory but instead get a percentage of every purchase made - directing consumers to the brand’s own sites when they buy.

As well as the shop, they focus on brand partnerships and collaborations, podcasts and events, adding an editorial element to the website.

They recently partnered up with Zara Home to launch a new summer playlist on Spotify.

Chambers has a mantra, which should hopefully help us reduce unnecessary purchases “Will I like it when I’m 70?” Having a quick browse of the clothing section, I find myself answering that question - with a big yes - to a Liberty print kaftan, a H&M pink silk striped dress, and a Piglet white linen pyjama set.

I spend the longest browsing the interiors section. The beautiful seasonal garden pieces, woven lighting, rattan furniture, striped textiles and picnic accessories.

Whether applied to something you wear, something you sit on or something on your mantelpiece, with the help of Collagerie we should be able to buy pieces that last. That we love every time we see them - as much as the day we saw and purchased.

By Anna Bance
August 2020

Anna Bance

Anna is the co-founder of Girls Meets Dress and a contributing editor to the GWG. She expertly guides us round the most covetable online fashion.