With lockdown becoming the norm, more of us are cooking at home and in need of the right utensils.

As the coronavirus pandemic is forcing a third of the world’s population into lockdown, we are all spending more time indoors, and the knock on effect is that more of us are cooking at home than ever before.

As restaurants and bars closed across the country, and we can no longer host dinners for friends, quarantine cooking has become about more than just feeding yourself but a necessity and as a function to learn new skills, pass the hours and feel productive. Providing entertainment, community as well as sustenance, for many people cooking and baking have become an outlet to channel their fears and anxieties.

Even for those of us who cooked regularly before, we’re still cooking more meals at home than we might have in the past — for example not having lunch at my office every day, now means cobbling together lunches with whatever is in fridge while working from home.

Celebrity chefs are taking to their social media accounts to share their quarantine-friendly cooking tips and advice for food lovers. Jamie Oliver has a new TV programme called ‘Keep cooking & Carry On’ sharing tips on how to make the most of what is in your own pantry.

Self isolating viewers flocking to regular broadcasts by chefs and celebrities to get inspiration is also driving up sales of kitchenware, gadgets, baking and roasting equipment. While high street shops may have closed, most (at the time of writing) are still delivering online orders.

I speak for myself, and the past two weeks at home have revealed a myriad of key kitchen items that I can no longer do without. This week I have enjoyed shopping and browsing on Borough Kitchen. Shortlisted in 2019 for the GWG Awards, this online shop has an incredible selection of high quality brands and trusted advice.

Founders Justin Kowbel and David Caldana opened their first store in Borough Market in 2013, followed by stores and cook schools in Hampstead and Chiswick that teach hands-on skills people will actually use. Due to the coronavirius, all four of their London stores are temporarily closed, but they remain open online. They maintain a ruthless curation of products with different shapes, materials and price points. Ignoring trend-led items and brands to focus on timeless classics that meet 3 core values: function, durability, and quality. They only stock goods for the kitchen, table, and home bar that they use and love themselves and that will last you a lifetime

My priority shopping categories have been Casserole dishes, a Skillet pan Tableware and a new Mandoline.

Additional content is provided in their blogs and recipes.

They also have a Wedding gift list service.

Thankfully, we all have to remember that this period will eventually pass, but our newly purchased items and culinary skills learnt will last forever.

April 2020

Anna Bance

Anna is the co-founder of Girls Meets Dress and a contributing editor to the GWG. She expertly guides us round the most covetable online fashion.