The suitcase that makes travelling easy, including an inbuilt USB charger for your devices.

Of all the elements of going on holiday, packing is definitely the least enjoyable thing on the list, and I have often still have bags empty until the evening before a flight. The struggle is real. One company is trying to change that, by making our suitcase a life changing and aesthetically pleasing airport companion.

Away is the luggage company that everyone is watching. A direct-to-consumer startup founded in the US by Steph Korey and Jen Rubio, these 2two women have been on a mission to create an "it" suitcase that travellers love. They did their homework, interviewing 800 frequent flyers to find out what features matter to them most. Understanding how people travel, what the pain points are, and how Away can solve everything, from ease of transport, durability, organising ability, security, and reliability.

You have probably spotted a few Away suitcases at the airport terminal without knowing it. Their glossy hard shells and eye-catching colour options look distinctive and through its new offerings like limited-time colours and partner brand collaborations, packing cubes, and leather sticker accessories, Away manages to make packing and carrying a suitcase fresh and enjoyable.

Many of us use the same carry-on suitcase for fifteen years, taking very much an ‘If it ain’t broke…’ approach. After all, if there is nothing ‘wrong’ with a suitcase, why change it.

Until last year I was happy with my trusty small dark grey canvas Muji case, bought in 2001 - an emergency purchase, needed after arriving to work at The Telegraph and being sent to Dubai for a photo shoot the following day.

Away are available in four sizes, and feature a strong yet light outer “unbreakable” polycarbonate shell. The brand packs a lot of nifty tech into its scratch-resistant outer casing: four 360° rotating spinner wheels, SA-approved built-in combination lock, toughened zips, telescoping handle with three different height levels and interior compartments designed to help you pack smarter.

Perhaps the top selling point though is an inbuilt USB that charges your devices while they’re turned off in the overhead compartment. With enough capacity to revive an iPhone five times, it is fully compliant with the strict regulations about carrying batteries that have brought in by airlines in recent years.

And all this with a weight of just over 3kg is pretty light. The 38-litre capacity had more than ample storage for a week’s worth of clothes and toiletries.

The brand has attracted famous fans including Karlie Kloss, Jessica Alba, Suki Waterhouse, Margot Robbie, Mandy Moore, Elizabeth Banks, Zoe Saldana and more.

Fans are now requesting all manner of other products. The founders won’t give too much away but say they have a design team exploring all the considerations.

Right, another excuse for a holiday...

August 2018