Anna is drawn to L’Essenziale, an 18ct gold bracelet with no clasp, designed to be invisibly fitted on to your wrist to form an eternal strand.

Atelier VM makes many beautiful different types of jewellery. Created in 1998 by Viola Naj-Oleari and Marta Caffarelli, two close friends, this innovative Italian brand challenges the conceptions of fine jewellery. The designers take inspiration from their everyday lives; the people they encounter, their memories and travels, are translated into their pieces.

The website features earrings, rings and necklaces but in particular I have been to drawn to one bracelet. L’Essenziale is an 18ct gold bracelet with no clasp, designed to be invisibly welded on to your wrist to form an eternal strand. The signature jewel of Atelier VM. The brand have a space in Liberty London Jewellery Hall on the Ground floor.

Not surprisingly this has become a popular and also instagrammable gift for couples, mothers and daughters and friends to buy together. The customer is directly involved in the creation of their personal bracelet. You choose your colour and chain weight and after having your wrist measured, the chain is precisely cut to length in front of you, ready for the laser machine to work it’s magic. Sitting down on the velvet stool, the Atelier VM shop assistant places your hand inside the machine and through a magnifying glass, delicately joins together and welds the 2 ends of the chain. The process takes a steady hand and magically an infinite thread of gold wraps around your wrist.

There are additional charms to add should you wish, a pearl, precious stone or initial. Designed to last a lifetime, but should anything happen, the brand will re-weld the bracelet for you free of charge.

And yes, I did ask the assistant if the chains set off airport security - surprisingly she was wearing 4 on one wrist and said they didn’t.

The bracelet also makes for a perfect gift; and on the Liberty website your chosen present will be noted in a sealed envelope to give to the recipient, who can then come in and have it fitted.

The thinnest chain comes in 3 colour options, and here is also a slightly thicker chain.

Available to buy in @rinascente Roma & Torino, @libertylondon, @lebonmarcherivegauche Paris, @nordstrom New York and their shops in Milano.


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By Anna Bance
March 2020