Anna finds out about the French-Algerian designer Anissa Kermiche who draws inspiration from the human form with her sculptural ceramic vases.

In 2016, French-Algerian designer Anissa Kermiche launched her label with a selection of jewellery, before expanding to the sculptural ceramic vases which are now a trademark of the label.

You may have seen the vase that looks like a bottom? There is another one called ‘Breast Friend’.

Signified by curved lines and elegant forms, which reflect the powerful and inspirational women who surround her, she draws inspiration from the human form.

Coming from a family of women and a Muslim background where naked body parts are not acceptable at all, her upbringing was very strict. She had to dress a specific way, and wasn't allowed out much, other than to go to school. The label is her rebellion against all that - creating work that is provocative and feminine.

She says that she designs for those with a curious, independent spirit and an appreciation for the exuberant, eclectic and unseen.

Her fusion of art, sculpture and jewellery was snapped up in just three months by and in just a year Anissa secured 17 worldwide stockists.

Having studied engineering and computer science, she walked past a jewellery boutique every day on the way to her job as an engineer at a consultancy firm. Kermiche realised her creativity was capped in the corporate world and enrolled in a jewellery design course at Central Saint Martins, before launching her line on Instagram.

Today, her curvaceous ceramics are appearing in the homes of well known customers including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Gwyneth Paltrow.

The pieces come in multiple colourways and are very popular as gifts, such as these candlesticks.

I love the Ear bowl and the napkin ring trio.

Kermiche’s desire to raise up women goes beyond her designs. Education is a topic she is passionate about, thankful for the education system in France and having been raised by a single mother with limited means.

Last year, her Lady Days earrings had a tangible impact on efforts to keep girls in India in education. Kermiche donated 100 per cent of the profits from the piece to Sanitation First, which works to provide clean and safe hygiene facilities for girls in India.

You can browse a selection of Anissa's work at

By Anna Bance
February 2022

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