An engagement ring is a mega purchase – leave no margin for error with this expert advice.

One of you has popped the question. The other has said “yes”. Now it’s time to buy the big old sparkler that seals the deal. This is no straightforward purchase, mind you. There are several things to consider.

What style of ring will suit her best? Which metal should it be set in? If you’re going for the traditional diamond, what colour and clarity suits your taste and budget?

Here, to help you pick your way through the minefield, are top tips from the award-winning, family-run, British jewellers, Purely Diamonds.



The most popular engagement ring style, these rings showcase the true beauty of a diamond with the focus on one single diamond.

Side Stones

The addition of diamond side stones will give your engagement ring some added sparkle.

Three Stone

A three stone trilogy engagement ring is said to represent the three stages of your love and relationship: past, present and future.


A halo is a great way to get a bigger and brighter engagement ring without breaking the bank.


The arrangement of a cluster of diamonds to form a distinctive and beautiful engagement ring gives you high sparkle without high spend.


White Gold

Both pretty and practical, white gold offers the perfect setting for an engagement ring and is the second most popular choice.

Rose Gold

In recent years, this warm and contemporary metal has risen in popularity. It offers a great alternative for your engagement ring.

Yellow Gold

The original choice for engagement rings, this traditional metal provides a classic setting for any diamond ring.


Now the most popular choice for engagement rings, this opulent and hardwearing metal is ideal for everyday wear.


Diamond Colour
All diamonds are graded for their colour quality. Colour grades run from D to Z. D is the whitest and Z is yellow/brown in colour. In order to guarantee a nice white diamond, we recommend choosing a stone between D and H.

Diamond Clarity
The majority of diamonds have natural blemishes or inclusions inside them, but most are only visible under magnification. To ensure that your diamond is nice and clear, we suggest going from VVS1 to SI1.

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March 2020

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