How to get exclusive access to the wardrobes of your fave influencers.

Welcome to the UK in 2018: a place where savvy people hate waste and are seduced by the style of the influencers they most admire. Tie these two threads together and you get The Resolution Store, a cool new shopping platform with exclusive access to the wardrobes of your favourite influencers

Set up by Anna Sutton and Alicia Waite, The Resolution Store repurposes the unwanted clothes swirling around the wardrobes of willing style mavens.

Anna and Alicia’s idea is simple. They knew from their combined 20 years of working in the fashion world that stylish influencers buy for themselves – and are gifted – many more gorgeous clothes than they can possibly wear with any regularity. Instead of allowing these no-longer-loved items to go to waste, they thought, why not find them new buyers via an online platform?

Alicia says: “Just because a piece isn’t current season, doesn’t mean it hasn’t taken a huge amount of work – as well as water, energy, natural (or non-natural) fibres.

“It really bothers me that they might end up languishing at the back of someone’s wardrobe unwanted, when they could be having a life elsewhere.”

So the lovely ladies created The Resolution Store and, through it, hold online sales of carefully curated pre-loved items from the wardrobes of an expanding roster of influencers like Lucy Williams, Pandora Sykes and Camille Charriere.

Each sale consists of around 1,000 items and lasts for four weeks. Gems from this month’s drop include handbags by Aspinal of London and Hill & Friends, an Isabel Marant top, some fabulous Jimmy Choo sunglasses and a must-have leopard-print coat by Baukjen.

As the founders told Elle magazine ahead of The Resolution Store’s launch:

“Hopefully the whole ethos of the store will prompt people to look at the way they shop first of all, and to put less of a premium on newness and more on styling and individuality.

“We’d love people to have a rummage through their own wardrobes before shopping… We’re aiming to become advocates of the one-in-one-out policy from here on.”

Guilt-free shopping at its best.

October 2018