Previously only available in France, these personalised bobble hats with removable bobbles by Cabaia are now in the UK.

This is good news for don’t we all love a bobble hat? And all the more so if we get to change the colourways at home.

Like the best of businesses, their innovative concept is simple. Cabaia plan to disrupt the way we wear our woolly hats. Doesn’t that sound grand? Choose your bobble hat model (short, long, thick, think, plain, coloured) and then select three pompoms, each in a colour and material of your choice. You get to chop and change your look; the magnetic clip at the top of the bobble hat allows you to change your pompom to suit your outfit or mood.

Each hat is named after a cocktail and, with the chosen pompoms, is served in a cocktail shaker. Choose from the Mojito, the Sex on the Beach, the Caipirinha or the Magic Russian. Particularly on trend is the Fluo Collection with neon bobbles and neon hat edging. The bobble hat and its pompoms are served at the bar in a shaker in the colours of the brand – just £29.95 for a shaker and a bobble hat and three pompoms! The Cabaia hats are all the rage in France; let’s see whether they take off in the UK.

October 2017