Mission C promises to restore balance in many aspects of your life, from skincare to health to sports. What better present is there than that? This is everything you need to know.

Ever since it began earning plaudits and recognition in the wellness industry, early adoptees of CBD have eulogised its pain- and symptom-relieving properties. The uninitiated have, meanwhile, had many questions about its use; misconceptions, arising from its close cousin, marijuana, have abounded: how does CBD affect you? Is CBD a drug or supplement? What are the health benefits of CBD? Even, is it addictive?

Clear and proven health benefits

And yet, cannabidiol, or CBD, which is derived directly from the hemp plant, has clear and proven health benefits for those suffering anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, arthritis and even addition. A natural and, crucially, non-intoxicating extract of the cannabis plant, it has been used for thousands of years all over the world. And whilst it has been fully legal in the UK since 2017, it is not yet available on the NHS which, in turn, means that many people who could benefit from its use do not have access to it. The upshot? Consumers are faced with having to wade through the many products on the market to ascertain which are good quality and which, alas, are not.

But what of more general use of CBD to improve our daily lives and to boost our health?

Enter Mission C, a new, Manchester-based premium lifestyle brand with sustainable credentials and a clear goal: to bring the benefits of exceptional quality, 100 per cent organic CBD to a wider audience and to harness its powers to enhance our lifestyles, as well as to alleviate existing medical issues.

As a true trailblazer and disruptor in the industry, the aim is to shine a light on its potential and power to positively impact our lives. Mission C is already busy delivering CBD from the realms of the purely medical, repositioning it instead as something that one might buy a health-conscious loved one. It has done so by dividing its revolutionary products into three categories: skincare, health, and sport. As they say, ‘Mission C was born from a belief that with some simple changes, life could be better for millions of people across the world.’ It’s no surprise, then, that its excellent products are already being trumpeted by the likes of Vogue, GQ and Cosmopolitan.

Make CBD more accessible

Mission C’s founder, Qes Hussain, explains, ‘We wanted to elevate the quality and visual identity of the brand in order to make CBD more accessible to the UK public. Whilst working alongside leading scientists and health consultants; our dedication, R&D investment, and innovation has led us to the creation of both natural and high-quality formulations, and a truly unique offering in the CBD market across multiple ranges; skincare, health, and sports.

‘We are on a mission to create high quality and natural products that will transform lives and build a community of people that will become more aware of the natural benefits of CBD. Education is at the core of everything that we do, and we have created an extensive learn hub using the latest scientific evidence on our website. We are then encouraging people to join the mission by sharing their own experiences and stories, and in turn help educate others.’

Mission C: Stories

Integral to Mission C’s central ethos is the idea of connection. At its core, Mission C is a kickstarting a movement – and what better way for its community to connect than via personal stories? The curious can watch its short video which documents some of its clients’ lives and the ways in which they use Mission C’s CBD products to enhance their lives. As they say, ‘This movement is all about real people sharing their experiences, building confidence and in turn helping others understand the natural benefits of CBD.’

For those who want to connect in person, Mission C’s community-first approach has already seen it kick off a series of events with a cold-water swim. These will soon roll out to include other sport, health and skincare experiences that fall in line with the spirit of its mission: to allow the community to share how they incorporate CBD into their everyday lives, and the ways in which it has helped them.

Mission C: gift giving

Why not delight a loved one this year with a gift that will keep on giving throughout the year, whether to alleviate an existing symptom or to help them start each day in as optimal health as possible? Mission C’s starter packs are a brilliant way to try the range and save some money.

Starter Packs

Mental health: Day & Night CBD Bundle, £59.99

Do you have someone in your life who is craving a pick-me-up, some aid to help ensure that they feel at their optimal best in daily life? That person, in truth, describes most of us, so whether you’re considering giving to someone else or rewarding yourself with a life-enhancing bundle of gifts to support both mental and physical health in 2022. CBD has a positive effect on calming anxiety as it promotes the production of serotinin, the chemical that contributes to health and wellbeing. Try the Day and Night oils. Buy it here.

Health: Immune Enhance + CBD Bundle, £62.99

As we move into life post pandemic, we're more aware of our immune systems than ever. This bundle will help support your body’s first line of defence against infection and illness and help you feel at your best whatever the day throws at you. Buy it here.

Sports: Post-Workout + CBD Bundle, £59.99

If you're into a new fitness regime, you want to give your body the best chance to recover. This Post-Workout CBD bundle has been designed to help reduce inflammation, improve sleep and accelerate recovery after sports activity, both physically and mentally. Buy it here.

Join Mission C

Are you ready to the join the mission? Follow Mission C on Instagram here and on Facebook here.

By Nancy Alsop
Updated January 2022


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