With their pretty packaging, palatable price tags and advanced scientific formulas, you’d be proud to put Lixirskin products on your dressing table.

The brainchild of sixty-something Frenchwoman, Colette Haydon, a doctor in dermo-pharmacy, Lixirskin burst onto the beauty scene last October. Editors and bloggers have been raving about it ever since.

Haydon creates the compact range of magic potions in her London laboratory, having spent 20 years working behind closed doors on formulas for such brands as REN, Jo Malone and Aromatherapy Associates.

“It’s a small, uncomplicated range of potent, science-driven products that deliver. There’s nothing ‘basic’ about it – instead it’s advanced but relaxed,” she says.

“I’m very French – I only wear Dior boots. I love the Hermes Birkin bag, too, always with a scarf tied to it, which I use like a bonnet when it rains. But while I spend money on boots, you absolutely don’t need to spend much on skincare.”

So far, there are just two parts to the straightforward collection of Lixirskin products.

First, there is the “universal good skin trio” (a Vitamin C Paste, Universal Emulsion and Electrogel Cleanser). These are the essentials for everyday good skin.

Second, there are the “night switch molecules” (one for de-ageing, one for problem skin and one for exfoliation). These are for use at night, in conjunction with the Universal Emulsion, when your skin switches to repair mode.

If any of this sounds at all confusing, it is not – and the well designed, minimalist website has excellent advice and instructions on how to use Lixirskin’s powerful little army of tinctures.

The Vitamin C Paste is fast becoming a cult item, with the Telegraph’s beauty editor saying of it: “This offers all the smoothing and brightening benefits of Vitamin C in one quick gel/paste/mask (15 minutes, tops). I instantly noticed a difference in my skin after using.”

Meanwhile, the brand’s Instagram feed is a joy to behold. Somehow millennial and classical at once, it entices you into its clean, refreshing, pale-pink world and makes you want to stay there forever. Its 14,500 followers obviously agree.

You owe it to your face to take a look at Lixirskin and see what all the fuss is about. ASAP.

August 2018