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Unlike our southern European or southern hemisphere-dwelling cousins, British women are well-acquainted with the sudden mad dash to de-fuzz our bodies as soon as the sun comes out. The vagaries of the weather on this island are such that, after long months mired in cold, dark days through which we shroud our pins in the thickest woollen tights available, just like that we can be into a snap heat wave without warning. And whilst we invariably delight at the change, we can also be heard decrying our lack inevitable of foresight at not having prepped our legs ahead – again – as we dig out old razors – only to find that we have no new blades to fit them.

Subscription service

The panic can now be averted, however, and all thanks to a clever new sign up service: FFS (check out the website here). Conceived in 2015 as the UK’s first shaving subscription service for women, you simply choose your razor, have it engraved if you so wish, and then tell them how many times a week you’re likely to use it. In return, FFS will furnish you with the right number of blades, straight to your door – and all from £6.95 for four blades and the handle. The super simple sign up makes the whole process not only ‘friction free’ as they say, but it also reduces waste: they only send you what you need.

Liz Needham, managing director at FFS – which can stand for anything you want it to, whether that’s ‘for future’s sake’ or ‘for fabulousness’ sake’ – says, ‘We are passionate about making beauty regimes as effortless as possible while holding true to our beliefs. Even though we are a small business we like to aim big. We know we are not perfect, but we love to keep trying.’


Shaving has a big impact on the environment, with razors high on the serial offenders’ list of throwaway plastic. FFS is working hard to change all that. Its boxes are designed so that, as you use your blades, you can store up to twelve used ones, all ready to be sent safely back to FFS HQ in their box. Once received, they will be ground down, with the plastic elements separated, until they are ready for recycling. What’s more, FFS has committed to becoming a carbon neutral company by working with Climate Partner, who calculates and then helps to offset corporate CO2 emissions. It is, then, a cheering thought that in enabling our beauty regimes, FFS does everything in its power not to diminish the natural beauty of our planet. Sustainability is truly at its heart.

Cruelty-free female first

Meanwhile, the other pillar that holds up FFS as a shining beacon on the beauty industry landscape is its onus on creating a cruelty-free female first culture. Its #effortlesslybeautiful campaign is designed to help women embrace their natural beauty, rather than striving to conform to standards of beauty as set and peddled by much of the media. In line with this idea, FFS picked twenty women to be its ambassadors, through whom they celebrate the female form – at every size and every shape. It’s refreshing stuff.


As well as its subscription service, you can also shop FFS’s natural products, which are in line with its sustainability promise. They are uniformly completely divine. And we are not the only people who think so. FFS has just won the Eco Lifestyle Winner at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2021, as well as picking up a gong for its Self-Tanning Mousse (Best Fake Tan – Gold Winner at the 2021 Global Make Up Awards!). See below.

All hail FFS: a cruelty-free brand that makes feeling good effortless and vows to do no harm. We salute you.

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Please note that the 20% discount on a subscription is valid on first boxes only.

Our Top FFS Picks

The FFS Beauty Botanical Range

This gorgeous box is full of all-natural pamper products, from shampoo bars to body butter and lip serum. The most perfect present – whether to yourself or someone else.

Grapefruit And Peppermint Deodorant, £11

This essential oil-based deodorant is a dreamy alternative to traditional sickly or synthetic supermarket-bought examples. Waft about smelling of grapefruit and peppermint, you say? Yes please.

Self-Tanning Mousse, £20

We can’t abide the orange hand problem after a self-tanning session. None of that is a problem with this beautiful product which imparts just the subtlest of glows. Just the way we like it. It’s award-winning, quick drying and, like all FFS products, vegan and cruelty-free. If you prefer a darker hue, that is available too.

Created in partnership with FFS

By Nancy Alsop
May 2021

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