BetterVits has the all-natural reliable supplements you need, essential if you want to optimise your health.

We're constantly being told by experts that we're deficient in certain minerals and vitamins, whether it's magnesium, calcium, iron, iodine, or vitamins A, B12 or D. Asides from a balanced diet, which goes a long way in redressing such deficiencies, it's hard to know where to turn, which brands to trust, when you want to take supplements to help achieve optimum health. Enter BetterVits, the family run company that makes premium health supplements.

BetterVits' mission

BetterVits offers a complete and balanced approach to optimal nutrition and health. It delivers exceptional supplements that allow genuine choice enabling you to supercharge your health when you need it most. Through scientific-research, the brand manufactures formulations that carry many benefits in simple and straightforward supplements. As BetterVits says, 'We take the science and we deliver it in the way you need: honest, reliable and natural supplements.'

Natural ingredients are at the forefront of the supplements and these formulas are then made in the UK in state of the art GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facilities.

Premium health supplements

The family owned business has served thousands of satisfied customers and the reviews of the supplements are testament to BetterVits' commitment to producing premium health supplements. For customers' peace of mind, there is a 60 day money back guarantee on all products, with no questions asked.

Supercharge your health

BetterVits is committed to bring you exceptional supplements that allow genuine choice enabling you to get your health on track.

Why they're 'better'

The company is intent on delivering quality, reliability and value. Nutritionists, researchers and experts work towards making the best nutritional products in the UK. BetterVits' formulas generally have higher dosages and a more inclusive mix of ingredients that compliment each other well. Driven by rigorous scientific-research, it creates balanced supplements from supporting a healthy gut microbiome to protecting you for every day modern living with multivitamins.

The brand carries out unrelenting scientific-research to bring you formulations that carry many benefits in simple and straight forward supplements. The concise range makes it easier for customers to choose the right product and for them to have all the information they need. The company also passes on bulk savings to customers by offering multi-pack options at a cheaper discount.

Margaret Holt, nutritionist, says, 'I always recommend BetterVits when I'm asked which supplements to take. Their formulas are cutting edge and are scientifically vetted for the quality ingredients needed to see real results.'

Made in the UK

With manufacturing in the UK, the brand also boasts exceptional standards in formula-design using potent doses of the highest quality ingredients on the market that are sourced ethically. It's worth noting that products are gluten and dairy free. Formulas contain no unnecessary ingredients such as fillers or preservatives.

Choose a better you

BetterVits is driven to bring you the very best supplements that allow genuine choice enabling you to give your health the boost it needs. Backed by scientific research, the formulations carry many benefits in its simple supplements. You get exactly what you need to optimise your health.

Choose from vitamin and mineral supplements (turmeric, magnesium, niacinamide), to complexes for PMS, menopause and probiotics.

Top selling products

Glucosamine Complex

Targeting bones, muscles and joints, Glucosamine Complex with Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory benefits that aid mobility. The complex also promotes pain relief and overall health, enabling your joints, bones and muscles to function at their best. Designed for those looking to support skeletal health whether that’s due to ageing, osteoarthritis, or other inflammatory conditions, this supplement provides 'armour for your bones and joints.' Buy Glucosamine Complex here.

Collagen Complex

Helping fight against fine lines, wrinkles, brittle nails and hair, this popular Collagen Complex is one of the most potent on the market. The complex uses marine collagen, a market leader in terms of scientific research, formulation and composition, along with a balanced blend of ingredients that includes Hyaluronic Acid and turmeric, as well as Vitamins C & E and Biotin. These ingredients work to target poor skin, signs of ageing, weak joints and much more. Buy Collagen Complex here.

Menopause Complex

The Menopause Complex is a carefully researched super-blend of thirteen different ingredients to help you feel like yourself during this testing period of your life. The complex targets a wide range of nutritional benefits, enabling you to have the tangible support you need to fight back. Buy Menopause Complex here.

Probiotic Complex

Given we are transfixed by our microbiomes and healthy guts, taking a probiotic daily has become part of our lives. BetterVits' Probiotic Complex is a powerful, complex blend of diverse probiotic cultures which are presented in a temperature-stable simple-to-take daily dose ensuring your body works in balance. Taking a probiotic aids digestion, bloating and overall gut health. Probiotics can also strengthen your immune system and regulate your immune responses by creating the much needed healthy balance in your gut. Buy Probiotic Complex here.

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