Small brands need our support now more than ever. Here’s how you can show your love for your favourite independents in this time of crisis.

In these current times of turmoil and financial uncertainty, shopping or social spending can feel lowdown on our list of priorities. Yet many of us want to show support for the small and independent businesses we love. The Good Web Guide was set up 20 years ago to showcase ‘excellence online’ and, ever since, we have championed the digital start-ups, the industry disruptors and the kitchen table brands we think are worth seeking out online.

During the coming weeks our new campaign, #GWGshoutout will launch, aimed at using our platform to give small businesses a larger stage on which to pitch their brand during these difficult times. We look forward to shining the spotlight on some brilliant British independent brands. In the meantime, here are seven ways that you can support small businesses now – some without even spending a penny.

Shop Local

If your supermarket aisles are bare, chances are you’ll find your local indie grocers, butchers and bakers well stocked. Now is a great time to try out the independent stores that Britain is renowned for. As a ‘nation of shopkeepers’, there are plenty of innovative small businesses tailoring their products and local delivery to really serve their community.

Restaurants, Bars And Hospitality Businesses

Many restaurants, pubs and venues have had to think on their feet since lockdown to not only preserve their livelihoods, but to save stock from going to waste, too. Many have turned into takeaways overnight, whilst bars and breweries are offering retail options and even delivery to keep the nation well lubricated through the lockdown. If you have a favourite eatery, why not show support by buying a gift voucher for a future meal? Many are setting up pledge funds, where you can pay for your dinner now and redeem it once they re-open. This all helps with cashflow and morale for a hospitality industry on its knees.

Social Media

You don’t have to be an influencer for your social media engagement to make a difference. A share, like or a repost, they all help boost a business’ page and profile online. Plus, any words of support and encouragement will mean the world to hard-working small business owners right now. If you do buy from an independent brand in the coming weeks, taking a snap of your product in your home, wearing or using it and sending it to them will help them build up a valuable bank of user-generated content. In marketing speak, this is golden – it gives brands a sense of community and a buzz about their products. In short, a small gesture like this can really help boost a brand.


Go one step further and leave your favourite businesses reviews online, either on their websites and social media, or on sites such as Google My Business and TripAdvisor. These will help boost their online profile for years to come. If you rate and value a shop or service that you use regularly, now is the time to take 10 minutes to show your appreciation. It costs nothing.

Buy Online

In the digital age, many brands and businesses have an online presence. Buying through their website will help support their core team while their physical premises may be shut. Online brands are clambering over themselves to give consumers the best experience right now, as they know they have a captive audience of online shoppers, stuck at home, with many offering free shipping and mid-season sales. Now is a brilliant time to support brands by shopping online, until you can visit them in store again.

Service-Based Businesses

Service-based businesses are being hit hard right now – from hairdressers to gardeners, yoga teachers to creatives and consultants. Don’t forget about the businesses whose services you value but can’t use right now. Can you commission a gardener to draw up a planting list for you remotely? Can you pay your personal trainer for a one-to-one video session? Many service-based businesses have converted to offering their skill-set remotely right now, so do, if you can, support these businesses who rely on in-person service.

Re-Schedule, Don’t Cancel

If you had an event, holiday or party booked, can you reschedule, rather than cancel? Rescheduling for later in the year (when, let’s be frank we will all need a holiday/party) will mean that although this quarter may look bleak for many businesses, the latter end of the year could look more buoyant.

Follow us on Instagram for the launch of the #GWGShoutout campaign in coming weeks, where you will have the chance to nominate a small business to be featured by us each week in our newsletter, on social and online.

By Lydia Mansi
April 2020


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