Avoid that last-minute dash to the shop by planning ahead when buying greetings cards.

When it comes to choosing a greeting card, some of us grab the first thing that catches our eye, while others go to town on the detail.

It may seem like a simple task, but other factors are often at play in our choices. Perhaps you’re running late for a party and need something, anything! Or, you’re just not sure if that particular message will suit.

To help you choose the perfect greeting card, whatever the situation, keep these top tips stored away and ready to use.


We buy cards for every occasion or sentiment. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, get well soons, or, see you soons, new homes, new jobs, new babies! The list is endless, and that amounts to a lot of cards in a lifetime.

So, if you’re going to dish out so many, you may as well get it right. In your quest for the perfect greeting card, it’s best to start, simply, with why you want it. If it’s to mark a special moment in someone’s life, then go for a card that spells it out, loud and proud.


If you’re not the type to write down exactly what you want to say, then let the card do the talking. Cards range from having blank insides, to poems or jokes, and everything in between. Whatever you have in mind, there’s a carefully crafted message to suit. On the flip side, cards with blank insides allow you to put pen to paper and say it from the heart.


Receiving a card is guaranteed to make someone smile. So, why wait for a special occasion to send one? Greeting cards are a wonderful token that can simply be used to say hello, or to tell someone you’re thinking of them. Also, as an added bonus; the more you send, the more you’re likely to receive!


Avoid that last-minute dash to the shop by planning ahead. Keep an eye on your calendar for any special occasions coming up, and then you can give each card and its recipient a little extra thought. Consider what they like - anything from interests, favourite animal, or even sense of humour, and then when you see an element of their character embodied in paper-form, you’ll know it’s the right choice.


Really savvy people will always have a perfect card to hand. To save time and money, (not to mention, the risk of any panic), get ready for the year ahead by buying your greeting cards in bulk.


There’s a card to suit each and every style. Whether you’re looking for a plain and simple design which really highlights the message, or a colourful and eye-catching masterpiece - the choice is yours. You can even be really creative by choosing a card which showcases the work of renowned artists, such as the Whistlefish range. This is bound to get you extra brownie points!

February 2019

Created in partnership with Whistlefish