The long-awaited arrival of 2022 and life getting back to normal also sees new trends for those planning on popping the question.

Love birds beginning to think about tying the knot should take plenty of time choosing an engagement ring. This is a significant purchase and choosing the right ring, whether it's the shape, colour or type of stone, deserves serious consideration and then of course, there are the fashion trends as well.

We asked diamond experts, Purely Diamonds, the family-run business based in London’s jewellery district, Hatton Garden, about the styles that are popular right now.

Pear Diamonds

Pear shape diamonds offer incredible value for money as their shape gives a bigger size per carat than other diamond shapes. Having originated nearly 500 years, the pear shape - or teardrop, as it is also known, is a symbol of decadence and devotion.

Three Stone Rings

Three Stone engagement rings are beautifully created to symbolise the past, present and future of a loving relationship. Also known as a trilogy engagement ring, they feature one central diamond supported by additional sparkle on either side.

Coloured Stones

Opting for a central gemstone stone as opposed to a diamond is the traditional nature of the engagement ring – and a common reason why so many Royal engagement rings feature a splash of colour. Whether you’re going green with envy with an emerald or cool as ice with a blue sapphire – a coloured gemstone should reflect the personality of its intended wearer.

Why buy from Purely Diamonds?

British owned, Purely Diamonds has a heritage that dates back to 1979, specialising in the design and manufacture of fine diamond jewellery, which is manufactured in-house in the company's London workshop. The concept is genius as buying something directly from a manufacturer cuts out the middleman, meaning the consumer can buy amazing quality jewellery at affordable prices. Each ring is made to order and carefully set by hand, making each ring as individual as its wearer.

January 2022
By Team GWG

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