If your hair is suffering from the effects of hard water, over styling or use of colour, Hairstory is for you.

Over the last year, it’s fair to say that we all have had to do some home treatments when it comes to skin and hair care. We’ve reviewed the products we’ve been using, the amount of plastic it entails and in some cases, have done a complete overhaul on routines.

Hair care is one of those areas where you can easily get stuck in a rut but with an open mind, perhaps now is the time to try something new.

Use filtered or rain water to rinse your hair

A lot of us live in areas that have really hard water (a water softener can help) and this can impact your hair. Combine this with shampoos that can dry your hair even further, leaving it lifeless and sometimes just a little bit crunchy: yes, the picture is looking grim. Rinsing your hair in filtered or rain water can have a positive effect in reducing hard water damage but read on and learn about the products that are disrupting hair care.

Revolutionary haircare

Hairstory is revolutionary in its approach to cleansing hair and it’s definitely worth giving it a go.

Eli Halliwell, hair entrepreneur and CEO of Hairstory, claims that traditional shampoos weaken hair by stripping it of the vital oils that protect against impurities in the environment and the regular use of styling tools.

The answer is a detergent-free hair cleanser that attaches itself to the oils that shouldn't be on your hair, rather than those your hair requires to give it shine. New Wash is the product that does all this and more, with Eli saying, ‘The wash has a proprietary blend of essential oils and naturally-derived, saturated cleansers that firmly grab anything oily – like detergent does – but unlike detergent, they have a weaker attraction to water.’

He goes on to say, ‘So, when you rinse, the oils and debris loosely attached to hair are rinsed away, but the good ones stay where they belong. Some of the cleanser's molecules remain attached, and for a good reason: They’re highly moisturising, which is what makes hair feel so soft after washing – and why New Wash users don’t need conditioner.’

What makes Hairstory’s New Wash different?

Most shampoos are damaging to your hair and toxic to the environment. Not Hairstory whose products cleanse without harm, leaving you with healthy, shiny hair and a clean conscience. It's heartening to know that New Wash is detergent-free, sulphate-free, paraben-free, synthetic fragrance-free, nor is it tested on animals.

New Wash is not a shampoo and it’s not a conditioner. It cleanses your hair using a combination of essential oils and fatty alcohols (which are naturally derived and biodegradable) that remove dirt and grease.

Switching to New Wash allows your hair to return to its normal cycle of oil production, so it won’t get as greasy, allowing you to reduce the times you wash it. It’s worth noting there is a transition period (about two weeks) while your hair gets used to this different type of washing but you’ll soon have glossy locks.

The product doesn’t foam so you need to make sure you’ve massaged it thoroughly through your hair and over your scalp. When it comes to rinsing, you need to do this as thoroughly as the former.

Good for the planet

Bear in mind that we each use an average sixteen bottles of shampoo and conditioner a year, which amounts to quite a bit of plastic. With New Wash, you’ll use an average of three pouches per annum which is the equivalent to 1.5 plastic bottles. So not only will you save money on product, but you’re also helping the planet too.

Take the quiz to find out which products are for YOU. Based on your hair type and routine, find the perfect combination of products that will transform your hair.

The new way to wash hair


This creamy cleanser contains essential oils and naturally derived ingredients that clean without stripping your scalp of its protective barrier.

There are three types of New Wash: Original for rebooting your hair, Rich for extra conditioning, Deep which is perfect for scalps that are prone to producing too much oil.

How to use
It's very important that you work the cleanser through your hair and scalp, ensuring even coverage. and the scalp brush makes this task super easy.


This is a great entry point to try the range or if you just want to give your hair a detox. You'll receive a pouch of New Wash along with one of Hairstory's best-selling styling products (Powder - natural dry shampoo or Hair Balm - moisture rescue and hair relaxer) and the all-important scalp massage brush.


These post-shower products are formulated differently thanks to the effects that New Wash has on your now much healthier hair. There are six products on offer, which include hair balm, hair protector, undressed texturizing spray, powder (dry shampoo for day two and beyond), wax and lift, all of which will make it easier for you to style your hair.


There is a range of accessories, from refillable shower and travel containers to the brand’s amazing silicone shower brushes.


Once you’ve decided that Hairstory is for you, sign up the Refill Club, choosing the products to match your needs, and you’ll be able to enjoy various perks, including a free refillable travel container and shower container (with 20-32oz purchases) and free shipping.

In summary

Reading through customer reviews, you quickly get the picture that Hairstory’s products are ‘life-changing.’ What are you waiting for? The summer is on its way and you’ll be out and about. Start your journey on the new way to wash hair: shop the range by clicking here.

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By Team GWG
April 2021

Team GWG

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