These are the beauty stories set to be big this year.

2020’s beauty legacy is frankly, sooner forgotten. It was the year that coined the condition ‘maskne’, with half the population’s jawlines breaking out in pimples thanks to the bacteria and sweat of constant (and necessary) mask wearing which, to add insult to injury, also made lipstick redundant. Staying home was and is absolutely called for but with salons closed we’ve had to become our own amateur hairdressers and beauticians, with rather mixed results.

Yet perhaps there is a glimmer of hope to come out of an exceptional year, and that hope is hidden in plain sight in our beauty cabinet. A 2020 NPD Group study showed consumers were investing more time in their skincare routines since the start of the pandemic, with sales of wellbeing and emotional health products on the rise, too. As a nation we are finally seeing the real value in self-care in whatever guise that may be for the individual. And we predict that we will continue to see these five key trends which will help us all to look and feel better in 2021.


Skincare rich in probiotics (yes, the same ones you pop with your breakfast for your gut health) can help restore the balance of your skin’s natural ecosystem. The microbiome helps to regulate flare-ups in blemishes, balance oil production and reduce sensitivity, without the need for harsh chemicals. Rather than aggressively stripping the skin with acids, the buzz amongst dermatologists is about strengthening your skin’s own natural defence and creating that happy balance. We could all do with finding some of that.


Skincare With Mind-Boosting Benefits

We covered CBD beauty as a trend in 2020, and mind-boosting (or calming in this case) beauty is going nowhere in 2021. Whether it’s aromatherapy-laced lotions; pulse-point oils; supplements to pop or candles to burn, as we move through a new wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, reaching for the products in our beauty arsenal that can help deliver that ‘spa-aahh’ factor will be a key trend.


Aromatherapy Associates

Inner Strength Candle, £48


Life Elixirs Clarity Bath and Shower Oil, £35


Wellbeing Pod, from £90

Cult Ingredient: Bakuchiol

Retinol has had its time in the spotlight; in 2021 the hype will be all about backuchiol. Billed as the ‘plant-based alternative to retinols’, this new kid on the block can help with those lines and wrinkles (I’m sure we’ve all acquired a few more thanks to 2020), whilst stimulating collagen production and improving skin’s elasticity, too. A great, natural all-rounder to add to your skincare routine this year.


Indeed Labs

Backuchiol Reface pads, £19.99


Bakuchiol, £9.99


Bakuchiol Peptides, £45

Blue Light Protection Skincare

The science is still a little murky on this one, but with all the time we are spending in-front of screens, skincare that extols ‘blue-light repairing’ benefits (or HEV, the type of light our device emit) is definitely going to get noticed. Think similar skin-damaging effects to UV exposure from the sun (although the jury is still out on how closely the two can be compared), such as hyperpigmentation, premature ageing and fine lines. Skincare products which protect us from our screen’s rays, similar to sunscreen, will become the new ‘screen-screen’.


Sarah Chapman

Skin Insurance, £59


Screen Time Hydrating Mist, £25


Blue Light Protection Hyalyronic Serum, £135


Much like our hair, waxing and nail appointments, 2020 pretty much put paid to any regular facials, or trips to the dermatologist. But now you can get the Derm to come to you, remotely of course. The rise in personalised, ‘derm-on-demand’ brands means that after a digital consultation, you can receive a subscription skincare regime, tailored to your skin – with concentrated, or prescription ingredients you wouldn’t usually be able to access in the aisle of your local pharmacy. At around £20 a month, it’s more affordable than a IRL appointment, too.

By Lydia Mansi
January 2021

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