Waft your way through the season by spritzing these fresh fragrances.

Seasonality has long been a buzzword when it comes to our eating habits – but what about our fragrances? Wearing perfumes that tie in to the herbs, flowers and essences of the season helps us feel connected to the rhythmical changes of nature: think cosy leathers, musks and gourmand notes in winter; and sun-drenched nerolis, citruses and sea salt in summer to evoke memories of hazy, blue-sky days and sun-warmed skin.

‘Green notes’ in perfumier speak tend to refer to spring fragrances that evoke a fresh scent of cut grass, green leaves and other botanical aromas, such as crushed stems, violet leaves, tropical foliage, herbs and mosses.

A key note in many green scents is galbanum, an aromatic resin sourced from a Persian botanical species and prized by perfumers for its bitter green notes. When blended with lighter, fragrant top notes and lingering spices or musks at its base, it makes for the perfect, nature-evoking scent.

This week we have a round-up of twelve fragrances for heralding in the change in seasons with an array of green notes.

Miller Harris

Wander through the Parks, £90

An evocative green city scent, it is reminiscent of wandering through London’s parks on a summer’s day. Expect notes of green, sappy nettle and zesty fruits. Buy it here.


La Tulipe, £127

An unconventional floral note that sings ‘spring’, the tulip is paired with bold notes of cyclamen, freesia, rhubarb and vetiver. Tart, with a fresh floral feel. Perfect for bright days. Buy it here.


Bel Respiro, £300

An investment scent inspired by Mademoiselle Chanel’s countryside retreat outside Paris, which was surrounded by crisp green fields. Bel Respiro combines fresh green notes of galbanum and rosemary for a deep breath of country air. Buy it here.


Herbes Troublantes, £280

Another budget-busting buy for green scent connoisseurs from Guerlain, filled with fresh aromatics of wild thyme, mint and rosemary, and balanced with sparkling bergamot for an instant spritz of sun-warmed herbs and Mediterranean summers. Buy it here.


Coriander, £148

Evoking the countryside outside the port of Odessa, Coriander by DS&Durga fuses sea air, spices from the outdoor markets and fresh herbs from the roadside verges – with vibrant notes of clary sage, juniper needle, geranium leaf and Russian coriander. Buy it here.


Un Jardin Sur Le Toit, £67

A green fruit fragrance with crisp apple, Un Jardin Sur Le Toit is softened by pear blossom and the raw green scent of wild grasses. A clean, light spritz inspired by the rooftop garden at Hermes’ Paris HQ. Buy it here.

L’Artisan Parfumeur

Mon Numero 9, £120

A sharp, resinous green scent, by L’Artisan Parfumeur, Mon Numero 9 features notes of cedrat, lemon petitgrain and shiso leaf. The perfect fragrance palette cleanser after the musky, spicy scents of winter. Buy it here.

The Nue Co

Forest Lungs, £85

This clever functional fragrance delivers just the right hit of outside. Harvesting the phytoncides in trees – the molecules credited for the positive healing benefits associated with forest bathing – it delivers an anti-stress spritz filled with notes of vetiver, cedar wood, benzoin, pine, patchouli and bergamot. Buy it here.


Grass, £85

Lush has captured that mix of sun-warmed earth and freshly cut grass perfectly in this fresh, verdant summer scent. Featuring bright bergamot, herbal notes and warm neroli. Buy it here.

Jo Loves

Green Orange and Coriander, £75

A peppery, bitter green masculine scent that feels like a sip of a freshly mixed botanical cocktail, with green orange, coriander seed, oak moss and black pepper. Herbaceous, fresh yet spicy. Buy it here.

Comme des Garçons

Amazingreen, £70

A bold blast of green energy. Comme des Garçons is known for their avant-garde scents and this fusion of green notes and gunpowder doesn’t disappoint. Smoke, flint, spices alongside verdant, lush tropical leaves, green pepper, ivy and orris root gives a unique mineral, organic green hit. Buy it here.

The Matcha 26

Le Labo, £141

Le Labo has captured the ceremony of Matcha Green Tea and the quiet, elegant grace of the ritual itself in its green scent, The Matcha 26. With soft, whispering notes of vetiver, cedar wood, matcha and bitter orange, it’s a creamy, green fragrance that is perfect for those who want a gentle, yet elemental scent. Buy it here.

By Lydia Mansi
April 2022

Lydia Mansi

Lifestyle Editor

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