If you are vegan and want to purchase vegan gifts or are looking for a gift for a vegan, here are vegan gifts for any occasion, including Christmas, weddings and birthdays.

As the world heats up and we begin to experience the direct effects of the climate crisis, more and more of us are thinking about the measures we can take at home to alleviate the burden on the planet. And, for many, the obvious place to start is by reducing animal product consumption – or by going one further and committing to veganism.

Record numbers of people undertook the ‘veganuary’ challenge at the start of this year, while Deliveroo reported that the demand for vegan orders spiked in 2020 by 163 per cent, with some 12,000 restaurants now offering vegan options. And with the expectation that some 25 per cent of the population will be vegan by 2025, there has never been a better time to buy vegan gifts for new and seasoned meat-eschewing friends and family alike.

There are, after all, new and inventive vegan trends emerging all the time, from the rise of vegan butchers (the vegan meat market is expected to be worth some $8.3bn by 2025) to vegan cheeses to vegan beauty products. So, if you’re hoping to lavish some love on your planted-based pals, there has never been a better array of choice when it comes to vegan presents, from vegan Christmas hampers to animal product-free skincare. Here are a few of our favourites.

Vegan And Gluten-Free Luxury Gift Hamper

There is, surely, not a meat-free person alive who would not enjoy this vegan and gluten-free luxury hamper. For a very reasonable £35, the eco-friendly, gift-wrappable, UK-produced box of goodness is stuffed full of excellent things.

Created by Eden Treats and sold via Not On The High Street, the delights contained within change on a rotating basis, but typically include Rogue conserves, Rollagranola artisan granola, Candy Kittens sweets, Lazy Days’ chocolatey brownies or buttery shortbread, H!P chocolate, organic Fairtrade tea from Charitea, Pri’s Pop Squares, Rollasnax - Wild Trail Mix, Pep & Lekker’s savoury crackers, and Love Vegan fruit and nut treats, plus you can even add EDEN Exclusive’s artisan 200ml liqueurs, which are all handmade in Somerset. There are ten items per hamper, all of which are artisan-made in the UK. Tempted? Shop this deluxe vegan hamper here.

Bulldog Skincare & Grooming for Men Beard Care Essentials Kit

We are big fans of the Bulldog range of grooming products for men. The brainchild of Simon Duffy, the brand was launched in 2005 when he couldn’t find any skincare products that he really loved readily available on the shelves. The whole range contains natural ingredients, none of which are from animal sources, combined with ‘carefully selected’ man made ingredients.

Bulldog is certified by Cruelty Free International, meaning that you need never worry that its products have harmed any living creatures. Nor do they use plastics, microbeads, synthetic fragrances or artificial colours. For those vegans who also wish to cultivate a luxuriant and well-kept beard, this is pretty much the perfect vegan gift, whether it's for a birthday or just because. Shop it here.

La Aquarelle Organic Sleep Vegan Gift Set

There are those of us who like a good night’s sleep (pretty much everyone, in fact). And then there are others who really, really like their sleep, to the point that they would routinely choose it over all other indulgences. For anyone who has such a committed sleeper in their lives, this organic sleep gift set by La Aquarelle is a winner.

Beautifully presented, it contains a soft eye mask with a range of colours to choose from – raspberry, charcoal, calendula, indigo shibori, tea, hibiscus and avocado – all of which are made using natural plant dyes.

As for the materials, you can choose between organic cotton or bamboo silk, the latter of which is hypoallergenic for very sensitive skin, while inside you will find a sachet of lavender to place under the pillow to help you reach the land of nod easily. An excellent vegan gift for her, whether she’s a brilliant sleeper or one who needs a helping hand to drop off. Shop it here.

Teakwood Bottle

Another measure we can all take to reduce our impact on the planet is, of course, to avoid single-use plastic. One of the chief offenders on that front is plastic bottles containing drinks. It is, obviously, imperative to stay hydrated, but happily more and more people are doing so by investing in portable bottles. If you’re looking for vegan gift ideas, this teakwood bottle is a great buy.

Its exterior imitates the raw materials and natural fibres found in the forest, all without damaging any trees, while its interior is made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel. As such, its Therma-S’well® Technology with triple-layered, vacuum-insulated construction keeps drinks cold for 36 hours and hot for 18. Therefore, as well as minimising the use of plastic, it also allows you to transport your vegan drinks and soups – and even wine – in style. Win-win. Shop it here.

Vegan Discovery – Mighty Small Foodies Gift Box

Are you in search of gifts for a vegan – whether someone else or yourself? Do you like surprises? If so, then Vegan Discovery has your name written all over it.

‘A delicious mystery’, it contains seven vegan sweet and savoury treats – all ripe for the discovery. And while you may not know its precise contents, one thing is guaranteed: everything found therein will be from a small business based in the UK. A perfect way to discover new favourite vegan treats and go on a journey of delicious discovery. Shop it here.

Adory Sweety Throw Blanket

The arrival of the cooler, darker months means one thing: it’s time to curl up in a cossetting blanket. This lovely, chunky knit example makes an ideal gift for vegans: it is made from 100 per cent acrylic fibres, and thus no animal products were used in its manufacture. Plus it’s practical, too; it comes with its own washing bag, which means that there will be no pilling. Baby soft, it is usable all year round, whether as a throw, a blanket or a picnic rug. Shop it here.

Oh She Glows Vegan Recipe Book

Good cookery books always make great presents; after all, contained within their pages are ideas for making one’s daily life better – and, at the very least, tastier. This goes double for vegans, for whom being exclusively plant-based means that variety can sometimes seem in short supply. And yet it needn’t.

Angela Liddon’s excellent book is packed full of brilliant ideas, and from ‘go-to breakfasts, protein-packed healthy snacks, hearty entrées, and decadent desserts, there is something for everyone.’ Many of the vegan recipes also happen to be gluten- or soy-free, making this book excellent for allergy sufferers too. Plus, if you haven’t tried one of Angela’s famous GLO bars, you will be in for an extra special treat. Perfect for vegans, as well as those making the effort to be partially plant-based. Shop it here.

Alexandra - Vegan Women’s Faux Leather Wallet

There’s nothing that sharpens up one’s look like a new wallet. There is true catharsis to be found in shedding the old or disused cards and receipts from a worn-out purse and starting again afresh. For many vegans though, it can be hard to find a really great wallet; so many of them are made from leather.

Enter Alexandra, a handcrafted faux leather example, which looks every inch the part, while having done no harm to living creatures. We like the classic leather tan colour, but it also comes in pale pink, powder blue, a soft green and black. Go forth and organise without guilt. Shop it here.

Gourmet British Vegan Hamper

There really is nothing lovelier than being the recipient of a thoughtfully chosen hamper. The vegans in your life will doubtless thank you vociferously for this excellent Gourmet British Vegan Hamper from The British Hamper Company. Smartly presented and contained within a sharp black ribbon, it features a selection of artisan vegan produce.

Inside you’ll find Hawkshead Relish’s raspberry and vanilla jam; hickory smoked almonds and cashews by The Real Smoked Nut Company; Perry Court Farm sweet apple crisps; Kent & Fraser cherry, pecan and poppy seed toast; Lincoln Tea & Coffee Co’s Columbian Filter Blend Coffee; Seville orange marmalade; Nudie toasted coconut chips; Yorkshire popcorn; rosemary and garlic olives; traditional breakfast tea; and Beech's Fine Chocolates’ mint creams. A veritable feast in a box. Shop it here.

Soap Daze Sensitive Skin Gift Set

As autumn beds in, with winter hot on its tail, few things are as welcome as a skincare set to help us offset the effects of the cooler weather and the central heating. We love this beautiful natural set, which has been created with sensitive skin in mind. Inside there is a large Oatmylk soap; an organic rosehip facial oil; cleansing grains that can be used as an exfoliator or a face mask; and a hand-knitted cream facecloth made from recycled cotton. It smells delicious and, what’s more, there’s not an animal product in sight. Shop it here.

Bamboo Tofu Press

Tofu can get a bad press. And yet, as we say to the naysayers, if it is cooked well, it can be delicious, as well as a great source of protein for vegetarians and vegans. The key, however, is to ensure that it is not overly moist, thus enabling it to serve as a better vehicle for whatever sauce you concoct as accompaniment. Enter, then, the bamboo tofu press. Billed as ‘an essential kitchen tool for vegetarians’, it allows you to squeeze out the moisture evenly. Made of 100 per cent non-toxic bamboo, it’s hygienic, eco-friendly – and makes a great present. Shop it here.

Zero Waste Gift Set

One of the chief issues we face today when it comes to buying presents for people is not wishing to contribute to the volumes of unwanted goods and packaging that go to landfills. For those who wish to give something lovely to a vegan friend or loved one but baulk at the idea of potentially causing more damage to the planet, this Zero Waste Gift Set is ideal.

Presented in a sustainable gift box, the self-care contents contain no plastic whatsoever. Each set comes with 100 biodegradable bamboo cotton buds, three reusable bamboo cotton makeup remover pads, a 100 per cent cotton laundry bag, one travel size 15g clearing treatment face mask, and a travel size 30g natural massage soap. Hours of pampering joy; zero waste. The perfect letterbox gift. Shop it here.

Vegan Mixed Brownie Box

Do you know anyone who wouldn’t exclaim in delight at receiving a surprise box of brownies in the post? Us neither. And these vegan treats, made by A Kind Mama Vegan Bakery, are all the better for showcasing three different varieties for those who cannot make up their minds (or, like us, who greedily want to sample every variation).

There are six in the box, with two Oreo brownies, two marshmallow ones and two peanut butter ones. Each box is made to order and then posted out on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The perfect way to treat a vegan friend. Shop them here.

Remi Belted Vegan Leather Mini Dress

If your beloved is a fashion-forward vegan, then gifting her a beautiful item of ethical clothing will never go amiss. For a 1960s chic vibe, Nanushka’s Remi belted vegan leather mini dress is guaranteed to turn heads. As they say, ‘The earthy palette of Nanushka's Resort '21 collection is inspired by nature - designer Sandra Sandor came up with the idea while spending time in Hungary's countryside.

Made from buttery-soft vegan leather, this 'Remi' mini dress is cut in a relaxed silhouette and lined with satin to ensure a smooth, comfortable fit. It has peak lapels and a slim belt that defines your waist.’ Just pair with a good pair of dark glasses and you’re set. Shop it here.

By Nancy Alsop
November 2021

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