Is good hosiery the secret to a showstopper look? With these sites to hand, your legs will have never looked better.

Tights. They are a bone of contention among women at coffee shops and boardrooms across the nation. Do you like thick woollen tights? Suspenders? A sparkly pair? Sheer? Fishnets, even? Whatever floats your boat, scroll through our edit of the best sites to buy tights this winter.


‘Believe the hype about Heist,’ say Vogue magazine of this very popular hosiery website. Heist tights differ from other brands; they have an endless waistband using a luxury sportswear technique meaning it won’t pinch, fall down, dig in, twist or roll. Heist tights are knitted from a single tube, from toe to toe so they don’t have tricky seams or gusset. ‘They roll on, with no snags and simply make legs look expensive,’ say The Huffington Post. Job done!

John Lewis

Oh, John Lewis… where to begin? The haven of any sensible and well-dressed young or older lady sells tights for all budgets, from brands including FALKE, Wolford and Calvin Klein. Opaque or glossy? It’s got it all. It is typical, then, that – if we are to believe The Sun – that the Duchess of Cambridge buys her tights at John Lewis. According to the newspaper, she buys the non slip tights with sticky pads on the bottom of the foot ensuring her shoes stay firmly on her feet allowing for no unladylike mishaps.


For the finest quality hosiery on the net, scroll over to the FALKE website. This rather brilliant German company is the Ralph Lauren of the tights world and boasts technical superiority over its lesser rivals. FALKE doesn’t merely flog tights, stockings, holdups, leggings and socks for women, men and kids. FALKE takes tights seriously. For example, the super supportive FALKE 9 months tights have been developed to be used from day one to your 9th month and will both support the lower back and relieve the growing stomach. Take a gander.

Pretty Polly

Pretty Polly is a brilliant British brand – it’s been thriving since 1919 – and is still heralded as a master of their trade. Pretty Polly tights won’t break the bank, unlike others listed here, ahem. You can snaffle a pair of their Everyday tights for £1.75 and have a wonderful perusal of all the different styles. Pretty Polly sells brilliant colourful opaque tights, in deep pinks, yellow, green and purple alongside silly and seasonal finds such as the Rudolph Tights and the Jolly Santa tights. Because, life’s too short, right?


Now this is a brand you should get to know. Trust the Italians to design tights that will make you look, and feel good. And their website does justice to the tights – which isn’t always the case. Funky colours, textures, patters and designs. Oroblù tights are made using high quality yarn with cutting-edge technology. For example, know that annoying static effect you sometimes get? The Oroblù sheer tights, which are available in 40 colours no less, have a special slide-touch feature to stop your clothes and tights turning static. Clever.


Some say that Fogal tights and stockings are the very best that anyone has ever tried. And that once you wear Fogal, you don’t buy tights anywhere else – presuming you can afford the eye-watering prices. Their cashmere and silk opaque tights cost upwards of £200 while others are around the £20-mark. You can find the Fogal tights online or in a concession at Harrods; rarely do they sell on other sites or even in boutiques outside of Switzerland.

November 2018