Boohoo isn't the only retailer delivering trendy apparel for vibrant youth. We look at the alternatives.

Since Boohoo exploded onto the fashion scene, its trendy apparel has been adored up and down the country by both men and women.

Walk through any neighbourhood in the UK and you’ll inevitably come across the typical BoohooMAN: pristine and tight t-shirt, tapered jeans that are ripped at the knees and a finely-groomed body that makes you question whether they’re from a reality tv show.

Boohoo’s recent collaboration with Tottenham superstar, Dele Ali, has also made the message loud and clear for young men - this is the new cool.

And then you have the BoohooWoman that you’ll typically spot intensely gazing down at you from a billboard with Kardashian-like femininity: high heels, croptops and her body bent into a pose that’s now become pervasive on Instagram.

But at the heart of these fashion statements is an ability to deliver trendy fashion garments at an affordable price to both men and women. This alone has arguably helped Boohoo generate almost £1.23 billion in sales in 2019, an increase of 44% from the previous year.

You can now dress like Dele Alli or any other famous superstar on TV without having to break the bank - an asset that liberates many fashion-obsessors. Undoubtedly, Boohoo has become one of the nation’s fashion giants - but they aren’t the only retailers delivering trendy apparel for our vibrant youths.

There are a number of shops like Boohoo that can still offer you a stylish wardrobe. If you want to add a bit more variety to your clothing, then check out our list below to see what’s also hot in the fashion world.

Matching Boohoo in almost every fashion department is ASOS. They’re affordable, they offer stylish clothing and they’re good value for money. Surfing through the online store, you’ll be exposed to a dependable mix of fashion garments and designer labels ranging from indies to 90s through to alternative.

In fact, it’s the versatility in their range of clothing that’s enabled the company to have such a wide appeal. Even if you prefer the ripped denims and taper obsessions that come with the Boohoo look, ASOS will allow you to experiment with an exciting range without having to burn a hole in your wallet.

Like many fashion sites, they offer next day delivery which is convenient if you need to make an emergency purchase.

Nasty Gal
Do you feel that your wardrobe is missing something energetic or something vibrant that communicates confidence? If so, then Nasty Gal will be able to fill that gap. As the name suggests, Nasty Gal specialises in creating fashion for women, catering more specifically to between the ages of 16 and 30.

So what does Nasty Gal have in common with Boohoo? To begin with, Nasty Gal was bought by Boohoo Group in 2017, so is now operating under the Boohoo fashion umbrella. So technically, you could say they’re now relatives in the same family tree that is obsessed with fashion. Nasty Gal, like Boohoo, delivers an exciting range of cutting-edge fashion designs to its young target market.

Unlike many brands, they’re willing to experiment and test new designs to keep up with the latest trends , so much so that last year Nasty Gal launched a selection of vintage clothing in an attempt to tap into the nostalgic 90s scene. This included many of the hipster classics, such as military sourced cargo tops, lace camisoles and a mixture of denim spoils.

Did you know that all of Missguided’s products are created by in-house designers? Because of this uncommon trait, many people would think that this would lead to having less diversity in the styles on offer. In fact, it’s quite the opposite - every week they offer customers access to 1,000 new styles, all at an affordable price.

From casual garments to formal dresses through to holiday wear, Missguided identify themselves as trendsetters in the female fashion industry. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in Boohoo, then make sure to check out Missguided.

Since its birth in 2006, SHEIN has grown to become a global brand that’s captivated the attention of the fashion scene. SHEIN shares the same passion as Boohoo for on-trend fashion and has a wide variety of styles for customers to pick and choose from at its online store.

Having such a global presence, SHEIN has its finger on the pulse of the fashion industry, immediately knowing when to change things and deliver what the hottest trends are to its target market.

Whether you’re looking for graphic tees, tapered jeans or stylish crop tops, SHEIN offers a wide selection of clothing, which can sometimes be its greatest downfall, since you may have to spend a while browsing through its online store until you hit the jackpot. But despite this favourable drawback, SHEIN strikes an important balance between price and quality, offering customers great value for money.

Urban Outfitters
If you’re into the hipster look then you’ll love Urban Outfitters. Since they first opened stores in the UK in 1998, Urban Outfitters have led the nation’s alternative fashion scene. Quite remarkably, their stores are as well dressed as their models, where as soon as you walk in you’re met with their recognisable grungy aesthetics, nostalgic memorabilia of the 90s and exposed pipes running from the floor to the ceiling.

But what about their fashion?

Well, Urban Outfitters are a lot more niche in their style of clothing than Boohoo, catering exclusively to the hipster trend. Fashion pieces interweave pop-culture in with vintage clothing to give customers a nostalgic kickback to the 90s. Oh and if you haven’t noticed, they love their designer labels.

Boohoo also has some hipster garments in its wardrobe, but the brand isn’t defined as the symbol of alternative fashion. Regardless of this, if you like the hipster range from Boohoo, then you’ll never leave Urban Outfitters.

Tiger Mist
Coming all the way from Melbourne is Tiger Mist, an online retail giant that specialises in creating a vibrant clothing range for women aged 18-28. What’s most striking about Tiger Mist is that the entire selection exuberates an energy that communicates confidence and a love for the weekend - they even have a special ‘Festival’ section.

Sexy but stylish, loud but authentic, Tiger Mist has become the fashion destination for outgoing young women. As well as setting the trend, all of its apparel is sold at an affordable price, giving you access to the trendiest fashion pieces online.

Whether you’re into fashion or not, everyone knows about Topman. They know what the latest trends are and they do it well. Despite being on the block for a while, they’re still viewed as being the cornerstone of young fashion. Taking a tour of one of their stores, you’ll notice that they still have all of the latest styles: floral skirts, utility jackets, tapers and cut off denims - they’re all here.

If you shop at Boohoo and are a huge fan of ripped denims, then Topman will instantly be your new go-to destination. Topman loves denim jeans and has always spoiled fans with a wide variety of styles and fits, including skinny, slim, spray on and much more.

And of course, the greatest advantage of having an actual retail store on the high street is that you’re free to come in and try on jeans to see if they fit before purchasing.

Being owned by Boohoo Group, PrettyLittleThing can be seen as the closest relative to the retail giant. In fact, you won’t see too much dissimilarity at all, with the only main difference being that PrettyLittleThing specialises in women’s fashion. However, both share an interest in trendy street style clothing and both are affordable. One of the greatest things about PrettyLittleThing is that can fit into anyone’s budget, with dresses being priced as low as £5.

From plus size clothing to shoes, accessories and loungewear, PrettyLittleThing releases hundreds of new products daily, making them one of the biggest online shops for fast fashion. If you feel like your wardrobe is missing something, you’ll definitely find it here.

Free People
It’s no secret that Boohoo has a soft spot for Bohemian fashion, which is why FreePeople has made it onto our list. As the name suggests, Free People are free spirits who rock the bohemian look more fervently than any other fashion retailer. Catering to women only, the clothing accentuates stylistic flair through the creative use of retro patterns and a vibrant blend of bright colours.

If you love alternative fashion statements that signal a revolt against the conventional, then Free People will be right up your street. Despite being more niche-specific in its clothing, Free People has successfully tapped into the hipster sub-culture, creating a loyal fan base due to their ability to provide trendsetting apparel.

Continuing the theme of alternative fashion, we have Modcloth, an American fashion site with an obsession for indie and vintage-inspired clothing. Modcloth is famous for having a hostile stance against using Photoshop in their ads, believing that misrepresenting female figures is a moral transgression.

They also use real people in photo shoots, not models. This makes the entire brand totally relatable to most consumers - if it looks great on them, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t look great on you.

So what do they have in common with Boohoo?

Well, similar to other entries on this list, Modcloth is more niche-focused in its designs, focusing more intensely on vintage apparel. Although it specialises in women’s fashion, it offers an impressively flexible range of clothing to customers, dressing women of all sizes in retro-dresses, colourful t-shirts and anything else that’s funky.

Oh and guess what, just like Boohoo, everything that they offer is affordable.

The Final Say

Boohoo has become one of the nation’s favourite go-to destinations for retail therapy because of its guarantee to offer customers clothes that are always on-trend, affordable and high in quality.

But if you want to experiment and try other styles that are also trending in the urban scene, then there are plenty of shops like Boohoo you can explore. ASOS, Nasty Gal and PrettyLittleThing will be your closest fashion retailers to Boohoo in terms of style and price.

If you have a soft spot for the hipster scene, then make sure that you check out Urban Outfitters - they offer many sub-niches within the hipster trend that range from nostalgic 90s to vintage classics, through to anything rock and roll. Free People and Modcloth also fall into the alternative category and both provide styles that are perhaps more vibrant and loud compared to Urban Outfitters.

Topman can also do edgy but they excel in doing the simple things well. Whereas if you have a big night coming up and you want to buy a special outfit for the occasion, you’ll be spoilt for choice with Missguided and Tiger Mist’s stunning selection of party clothes.

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