Share, won’t you? Top sites for peer-to-peer wardrobe and style tips sharing from Samantha Lingham of Share Our Style..

Peer-to-peer sharing is a growing global phenomenon. Here Samantha Lingham, founder of Share Our Style – a site where users can ‘share’ their designer handbags – picks her top sites and apps for sharing fashion and style from the UK and across the pond.


We’ve always been interested in seeing clothes reach the full lifetime of use they deserve. Swishing gives a new lease of life to an item that may have reached the end of the road in one wardrobe but will be ‘new’ to another. It’s also a lot of fun to “rustle clothes from friends” and refresh our wardrobe. Their handy tips and easy to use calendar listing upcoming events bring swishing to life.


“Live fashion, don’t own it” is the mantra of this site. Not only can you rent clothes from their owners but there is also the option to hire directly from a number of emerging designers. It’s easy to rent an item - they deliver it, pick it up when you’re finished and even sort out the dry cleaning – what’s not to love?


We need never doubt our fashion choices again with Style Counsel, our very own personal stylist in our pocket. Simply take a selfie or photo of an outfit when you’re out shopping or getting ready to go out and post with a question. You’ll receive speedy responses from fashion bloggers and other users in this friendly female community. We love that you’re in control of who can see and comment on your questions.


Curtsy operates in the US giving users the opportunity to browse items online from their neighbours’ wardrobes. Members arrange to meet and can often get an item to wear the same day. We love that you can actually try items on at your neighbour’s house before renting anything to make sure they fit.


Or if you want your style captured for posterity, this site allows members to list and rent photographic and AV kit in their city. Many of those listing their kit work in the industry so you’re getting access to professional quality gear without needing to buy it yourself.

August 2017