Looking for the right gift for her? Here are 13 perfect presents for any occasion.

There are few people who haven’t struggled, at some point, to find the right gift for the great women in their lives. It is, of course, the thought that counts. Yet, equally, generic presents that have little to do with the recipient’s interests or tastes don’t feel satisfying to give, even if the sentiment is appreciated.

Magazines abound with ideas at Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but what of the thoughtful gestures that you might like to make the rest of the year, whether for birthdays, anniversaries or simply because you just fancy doing something nice for someone you love?

To bridge that gap, we have brought together a few good ideas for presents, whether they’re personalised gifts for her; gifts for her under £10; unique gifts for her; or even funny gifts for her. Variety is vital, as – it goes without saying – is matching the style with the recipient. These are our top thirteen gifts for girls.

Curated Gift Boxes

Is the woman you want to lavish gifts upon a wellness junkie? Perhaps she enjoys little more than clinking glasses at cocktail hour. Or maybe it’s champagne and truffles that are the sure-fire way into her good books? Any which way, Curated Gift Boxes allows you to match exactly the right gift with your love/ best friend/ mother/ daughter/ colleague

We love the selection on offer, from wonderful Cheese and Wine boxes (£38.80) containing Paxton and Whitfield cheeses, through to the Negroni’s Calling Gift Box (£35.80), which does pretty much what it says on its (highly presentable) tin. You could go all out with the Gifts Galore Gift Box (£126.50), which contains sparkling rosé, a dahlia bouquet, fudge and beautiful bath essences. We’ve got our eye on the Spring Equinox Box (£90.30), which contains flowers, a bottle of Spumante, gin, juniper chocolate and beautiful hair and body oils, too. The perfect way to select exactly the personal gift that’ll make her heart sing. Shop them here.

Personalised Wood Engravings

If you have something important you’d like to say through your gift, why not do so literally? Those on the lookout for an unusual gift for her may like to consider a wood engraving, with which to express your appreciation. Whether you plump for a a floating oak shelf that can be engraved with the wording of your choice, a trinket tray or personalised fruit bowl, The Oak & Rope Company is awash with options unique to you and will be keepsakes forever. Shop the collection here.

Roja Scented Candle

There are few people who don’t appreciate a really good scented candle. And yet not all such products are made equal. Roja’s award-winning candles place a strong emphasis on British craftsmanship, with every single one made in England and celebrating the ancient craft of hand-poured candle-making. Exquisitely presented and the ultimate in luxury, this is the kind of indulgence that one rarely splashes out on for oneself, making it all the more welcome a gift for her.

The scents are pure heaven, with many of the ingredients used so refined that they are rarely used in perfumery and even less frequently in candle-making. We particularly love the Figuier D’Italie (£95). They say of it, ‘One of perfumery’s most famous fruits, the enduring appeal of the Fig lies in its ability to offer a scent of immense depth and dimension that immerses those who smell it in Mother Nature’s Mediterranean riches. Figuier D’Italie transforms the home into a grove of green Fig trees, where the natural oils of its Leaves, Sap, Stem, and Fruit combine to create a woody, mossy and fruity fragrance.’ Who could resist? Shop the collection here.

Prada Leather Smartphone Case

What do you get for the person who wants for nothing? Elegant accessories will, in our experience, rarely go amiss. And few come smarter than Prada’s Saffiano Leather Smartphone Case (£290). It has a detachable shoulder strap, and three slots for cards at the back, which make it a great alternative to lugging around a large handbag full of stuff – and wonderfully freeing too. It doesn’t come cheap. But for anyone who revels in details, this smart little gift is bound to be a huge hit. Shop it here.

Luxury Beginners Modern Calligraphy Gift Set

If the woman you’re buying for is of an artistic persuasion; is into picking up new skills; or appreciates tasks that encourage mindfulness, this gift scores well on all three fronts. Era Calligraphy’s Luxury Beginners Modern Calligraphy Gift Set (£45) is pristinely presented in a grey box wrapped in pale pink packaging and includes ERA Calligraphy's original worksheets; a straight calligraphy pen holder; a 'Zebra G' Nib in a handmade card holder; a 15ml jar of black ink; an A5 pad of dotted calligraphy practice paper; and unlimited access to a 40-minute online tutorial. Expect, in return, the most beautiful thank you letter you’ve ever received. Buy it here.

National Art Pass

As many of us strive to declutter our lives and our homes, sometimes the gift of physical stuff feels counter to that goal. There are plenty of creative ways, however, to show your appreciation for a loved one without storing up things that will, at some point, go into a landfill. A National Art Pass (£73; or £45 for the under-30s) is one brilliant example; annual membership gains the holder free access to hundreds of museums, galleries and historic places all over the UK, as well as 50 per cent off major exhibitions.

By gifting membership, you will not only enrich the cultural life of the recipient but also be supporting the wider art world. Win-win. And never have we been keener to get out there again and feast eyes on beautiful works of art across our hallowed institutions. Buy it here.

Joules Heart Stripe Fluffy Socks

What’s cosier than donning a lovely pair of fluffy socks? In truth, very little. Joules’ example (£7.95) are described as ‘a treat for the feet’, keeping toes toasty, whether through the colder months or for slipping on on those spring or summer evenings when a nip steals into the air. If you’re looking for a sweet gift under a tenner that will be worn and worn, these are a fun option. Shop them here .

Malin + Goetz’ Dark Rum Eau De Parfum

If you’re looking for something personal, perfume can be a great choice as a gift for her. And yet, it’s easy to go astray when trying to figure out somebody’s taste in scents. For anyone who leans naturally towards the heady, warm and intoxicating end of the perfume spectrum, few examples are more delicious than Malin + Goetz’ Dark Rum Eau De Parfum (£75). The brand’s signature best-selling scent, we love the clean, simple design of the bottle allied with the alluring and addictive contents within. For us, this would never not be a welcome gift. Buy it here.

Google Nest Mini Hands-Free Smart Speaker

There isn’t a gadget lover out there who wouldn’t be delighted to receive Google Nest Mini Hands-Free Smart Speaker (£49). Simply hang it on your wall and harness the power of Google Assistant wherever you are in the house by asking questions that are either pertinent to a task in hand (such as cooking) or those that just randomly pop into your head and which your curiosity demands must be answered immediately. Relatively inexpensive, it is both a fun and useful gadget that can, if used wisely, streamline your life. Shop it here.

Bistro Tiled Margot Monogram Mug

Are you itching to be transported to Mediterranean climes, to sit enjoying coffee in the intricately tiled cafes of Lisbon? Or how about lolling languidly amid the chic bars of Paris? Well, even if we can’t enable that particular fantasy, we can at least point you towards gifting a slice of that dream in the form of a Bistro Tiled Margot Monogram Mug (£10). While not a gift for her under £10, it's still quite close.

It’s personalised - so it's a great option if you're looking for a personalised gift for her -, it won’t break the bank and, chances are, it’ll be used every morning, making it a happy daily reminder, both of you as the giver of such a gift – and of those longed-for destinations. Buy yours here.

Dyson Airwrap Styler

Rare is the woman who wouldn’t be thrilled to unwrap a Dyson Airwrap Styler (£449.50). In line with all of Dyson’s products, it is good looking, ergonomic and extremely clever. Whether the intended recipient is in a continual battle to create textured volume; to master a wavy bob; to pull off a silky and straight look; or to wear casual curls with panache, this all-in-one styler has all the bases covered. It doesn’t come cheap, sure; but just think of all the trips to the hairdresser that won’t need to be made. If only we’d had one to tame our wild locks through the lockdown. Buy it here.

Silke London Silk Hair Ties

There is something that feels ultra-luxurious about a deluxe version of an item that we use daily and, in truth, barely give any thought to. We’re used to throwing our hair back with a non-descript elastic and yet, as Silke London’s founding mission is attempting to redress, doing so is far from brilliant for our hair. Its silk hair bands (£30 for six) feature a super-strong elastic encased within a 100 per cent mulberry exterior. As such, they are designed to glide against hair, thus mitigating the usual pulling, snagging and split ends. Plus, they’re pretty, too. These would make wonderful gifts for women and younger girls alike. Or why not gift them unto yourself? Shop them here.

Gold Seed Pearl Hoop Earrings

It takes uncommon eschewal of materialism to not be inordinately pleased to when presented with a small box containing jewels. Many are, however, as well we know, prohibitively expensive. If you’d like to gift something that glitters but you don’t have the corresponding budget to go wild in Cartier or Tiffany, we advise keeping it simple and sweet. These gold seed pearl hoop earrings by Lily & Roo come in under £100 (£89 to be precise) and are both versatile and pretty. They’re also available in sterling silver. Buy a pair here.

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