If you’re on the hunt for original, child-friendly presents, opt for a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.

Gift subscriptions are a great option if you’re on the hunt for original, child-friendly presents – rather than forking out for one gift that’s appeal will last as long as its batteries, opt for a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.

Chances are it will both entertain AND expand their little brains, with boxes for STEM development, reading and languages available - plus some for wannabe cooks and natural lovers too that will inspire their passions and interests. Here’s some of our favourites:

Whizz Pop Bang

Ex-Blue Peter Science presenter, real-life physicist and mum of 3, Jenny Inglis launched Whizz Pop Bang! Magazine in 2015; a monthly science subscription that delivers little scientists a full, illustrated magazine on themes from space travel to jungles, volcanoes and human biology. It’s gender-neutral, advert-free and guaranteed to absorb and inspire science-loving smalls.


KiwiCo have age appropriate ‘crates’ (instead of boxes) from newborn right up to adult – each stage is appropriate for their dexterity, interests and motor skills. With a range of art, STEM, geography, culture and design that develop and grow with them. ‘Designed by Experts, Tested by Kids’, there is over 1000 hours of design and testing gone into each crate, and it shows - there’s a parent guide to help support their learning; a fun magazine for them to read, plus 2-3 activities to try out with all the materials included. There are also online tutorials if they need a little extra help, too.


If you’ve got a little bookworm on your hands, Bookabees is the perfect gift – each month they will receive books, hand-picked by literary experts, tailored to their particular age and interests. So, if you’ve got a dinosaur-mad 5 year old, or an animal-obsessed toddler – they will curate your monthly box to inspire and delight their imaginations. There are fun, educational activities included too, and a monthly newsletter full of fun facts and new words to expand their reading skills and vocabulary.

Mud and Bloom

Designed for 3-8 year olds, Mud and Bloom is a box for little nature lovers. Each box includes everything you’ll need for four seasonal activities, including gardening and natural crafts – along with a monthly quiz designed to teach children about the seasons, plants, insects, birds and their natural habitat. Seeds and compost (included) are all organic and activities include growing flowers and vegetables, bug hunts, making sun dials, painting and flower pressing. A gentle and inspiring way to connect them to nature.

Mysteries in Time

Each month a ‘time capsule’ pops through your letterbox, delivering mini history-lovers a parcel packed with an illustrated adventure story, fun facts and a creative activity to inspire them to learn all about life through the ages – from Ancient Egypt and Vikings, through to Elizabethans and WW2. A great, imaginative way to engage them with world history.

The Willoughby Book Club

The Willoughby Book Club caters for literary lovers young and old. Founded by an independent team of industry experts, each book is hand-picked based on a child’s interests and reading ability. Gift-wrapped and delivered each month to keep their interest and passion for reading alive, it’s a great way of introducing them to new authors and genres as their skills develop.


Budding innovators will love Trunkaroo - delivering ‘creativity by post’, it was set up by Harvard alumni, Sahar Meghani to give children the tools and inspiration to learn through play and spark curiosity for STEM topics. Full of beautiful illustrations, 2 activities and a bonus art and science magazine to further inspire their love of learning. Proving that creativity and science can be combined, beautifully.

One Third Stories

One Third Stories boxes are the perfect resource to support your child’s love of languages – each delivery includes an original, illustrated story with a digital audiobook to accompany it, read by a native speaker, an activity pack, worksheets to track their progress and flashcards to reinforce their learning. A great interactive way of immersing them in a new language that will inspire a love of storytelling, too.

Little Passports

For those curious about the world around them, Little Passports is the perfect subscription. ‘Early Explorers’ is designed for age 3-5, delivered in a mini suitcase there’s a wall-size world map, stickers, activity sheets, toys – plus access to more online, interactive games to play. For 6-10 the ‘World Edition’ develops their curiosity further, with collectables, activities, info sheets about different countries and their own passport to collect stamps as they ‘travel the world’. A great outward looking, fun approach to world cultures and geography to inspire future explorers.

Honeywell Bakes

One for all the family, Honeywell Bakes young bakers club subscription delivers a fun, easy-to-follow recipe each month, with all the dry ingredients and a step-by-step recipe card to follow. There’s even an activity or puzzle each month to keep them occupied while their masterpiece is cooking. Great for creative cooks to help them build their skills and confidence in the kitchen.


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