From iconic to indie brands – here are some favourite candle brands that might not be on your radar yet:

Luxury candles are on fire right now – according to the Business of Fashion, candle sales in the UK are growing faster than the rest of the fragrance market, rising by one-third over the past two years. Whether it’s gifting – safe, yet indulgent at the same time – or as a little cosseting luxury self-gifting - the heady scents of a luxury candle have got us Britons hooked. From iconic to indie brands – here are some of my favourite candle brands that might not be on your radar yet:

Evermore London

Evermore create ‘sustainable vegan candles inspired by nature, the seasons and the skies’. Luxe black wax, poured in high gloss recycled black glass votives with etched, gold-leaf lettering they are a beautiful thing before you’ve even taken a sniff of their 6 nature-inspired fragrances. Choose ‘Tides’ – a blend of ‘wild fig, thyme and cedarwood’ or the celestial ‘Moon’ with ‘rose petals, violet leaf and vertivert’.


Join was launched in 2017 by Cornish sisters, inspired by their childhood memories of beaches and countryside walks – the collection of 10 scents include ‘hedgerow’, ‘driftwood’ and ‘pebble’, using the finest essential oils blended with a vegan soy-wax base, hand-poured into amber apothecary jars. Created to bring aromatherapy benefits, not just to smell good, filling your home with an olfactory shot of Cornish living, wherever you are.

DS & Durga

The Brooklyn-based fragrance brand takes a creative, quirky approach to candle making – rather than leading with a botanical scent they design their candle fragrances to evoke a memory – from ‘Portable Fireplace’ that feels like a smoky bonfire on an autumnal evening, to ‘Big Sur After The Rain’ – a wet, eucalyptus scent reminiscent of the Californian coastline.

The Botanical Candle Co.

Shaftesbury based Botanical Candle Co. is a beautiful site filled with whimsical, romantic scents – ‘Summer Greenhouse’ is a savoury blend of sage, tomato leaf and basil – sweetened with a base note of jasmine. While ‘Tinder Box’ is a woody, spicy mix of black pepper, leather, sandalwood, tobacco and wood smoke. Visit their website and browse their ‘reclaimed candle’ section, pouring their bestselling scents into vintage jelly mould, confit jars and other kitchenalia. They offer a subscription service for true candle addicts, as well as ‘wax melts’ designed to sit atop an oil burner and melt slowly, releasing their beautiful aromas.

The Spitalfields Candle Co.

Scenting a room, even when unlit, is the sign of a winning candle and The Spitalfields Candle Co. do just that. Keeping it simple with crowd-pleasing, simple botanical combinations such as rose and geranium and lavender and chamomile – the organic, UK-grown essential oils and sustainably-sourced soy wax are all it takes to create a beautiful, decadent candle. Simplicity at its best.

Neom Organics London

Neom are well known for the mood-altering fragrances, across skincare, bath & body as well as their best-selling home fragrance - from electric diffusers to candles. Their Intensive Treatment Candle is a genius idea; using nourishing cocoa butter and almond oil, the candle is blended with lavender, jasmine, Brazillian rosewood and 21 other essential oils to great a decadent enveloping scent which once melted, you can use to deeply nourish your skin with a warm oil treatment.

Le Labo

Renowned for their fragrances, you can now get the same perfume-grade scents for your home, from the iconic New York brand, Le Labo. They have a classic glass votive, but why not try their ‘vintage candle’ poured in a characterful, beaten tin can. Fragrance favourites include the warm, resinous Palo Santo and the green, zesty Verveine. Understated yet complex fragrances that burn beautifully.

Boy Smells

Don’t be put off by visions of teenage bedrooms and sports kit – Boy Smells is the cult LA-based candle brand whose founders wanted to blend traditionally ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ fragrances – poured into smart black and millennial pink votives. The coconut and beeswax blend candles are infused with scents such as ‘Gardener’ an ode to tomato vines, with heady honeysuckle – or Cinder Rose – a pretty floral ‘toughened up’ with a smoky base. A great twist on traditional pairings. This autumn try burning ‘Cedar Stack’, an infusion of cedarwood chips, dried tobacco, bay and peppercorns.

Cire Trudon

A true mantelpiece show-stopper, Cire Trudon candles are the ultimate luxury burn. Founded in the 17th century in France, they have produced candles for French Royalty and continue to fill the homes of the great and the good with their artisan candles, beautifully poured into jewel-coloured votives with ornate gold detailing. Think rich, heady fragrances of opulent tobacco and mint tea; grapefruit and amber; bergamot and sandalwood and eucalyptus and cedar. Candle heritage doesn’t get much greater than this.

No. 22

Founded by Elle Beauty Director, Sophie Beresiner – No. 22’s eye-catching ceramic votives have a cable-knit design that encases homely, cosseting scents inspired by corners of Sophie’s own home – from Bookshelf (leather, wood, musk) to Wood Stove (cinnamon, cedar, moss) – the chic, all-white unglazed vessels are a thing of beauty in themselves, the gorgeous candles are of course, a wonderful addition.


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