Weighty Issue: 8 Of The Best Weighted Blankets

Do you suffer from anxiety around sleep? These weighted blankets – with options for adults and children – may just be the key to sweet slumber.

The power of sleep to restore and its importance for our wellbeing has had a lot of press attention of late. But if the worry surrounding the scientific findings – that reduced sleep cycles can have serious health implications – is just making you more anxious and even less likely to catch the right amount of kip, there are solutions for getting a better night’s sleep, in the increasingly popular form of the weighted blanket. Choose a blanket that is 10 per cent of your body weight to help reduce anxiety, insomnia and sleep disorders, such as restless legs; they are also useful for children, and excellent for people with autism. Here’s our pick of the best on the market. Sweet dreams.

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Mela Comfort Weighted Blanket

This US brand is new to the UK and makes the ultimate in weighted blankets for adults. It comes in a beautiful box, is perfectly soft and features anti-rustle glass pellets in 10cm x 10cm pockets. Restful and silent nights ahead. £129.99

Snuzi Life

This 5.5kg number is made in Britain and claims to help calm children with autism, relieve symptoms of restless legs and fibromyalgia, and even reduce night sweats in menopausal women. Its weighted, non-toxic glass pellets are evenly distributed, making this lighter option an excellent introduction to the joys of the weighted blanket. £138

Buzio Weighted Blanket

Made from hypo-allergenic cotton, we like the supple quality of this blanket, which comes thanks to its tiny sand-sized pellets. Choose from two sizes and three weights. From 124.99


Reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia with Somnio’s prime blanket, which features more and smaller pockets, ensuring that its blanket has an even a distribution as possible – one of the key factors for effectiveness. Choose from 6, 8, 10 and 12 kg, and either add your own cover or plump for Sommio’s range. From £219.

Gravity blanket

Gravity’s website promises that sleeping with its (4 – 12 kg) blankets is like receiving a hug. Each is individually made for the individual’s height and weight; no wonder then, that Gravity – the original weighted blanket – absolutely killed its kickstarter campaign. We love the cosy velvet finish and the 28-day guarantee; don’t notice a difference on your sleep? Then send it back! From £149

Senso-Rex Weighted Blankets

We love this option for soothing anxious kids (it is particularly effective for autistic children and those with a tendency to meltdown). It comes in specific sizes and weights for the individual child; we love the fun designs (choose dinosaurs, unicorns or Star Wars themes). From £75

Sensory Direct Weighted Blanket

We like this one for its flexibility. It can be used for kids or adults by simply adjusting the weights (add or remove them to make it suitable for each user). There are three different sizes for children and one for adults, and the weights start at 2.5kg. From £130.95

The Persevering Parent Weighted Travel Blanket

Going on holiday needn’t mean taking a break from your weighted blanket. This sweet-looking example is small enough to fold into your hand baggage. Its design can be customised, with six weighting options and 17 colours and patterns to choose from. Buy it on Etsy from just £12.03